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Where did Trudeau get that the Ukrainian Boeing was shot down

Where did Trudeau get that the Ukrainian Boeing was shot down 

Boeing 737-800 Ukraine’s International Airlines (UIA) could be accidentally shot down by an Iranian missile. This was announced at a press conference by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, citing US intelligence.


“In recent hours we have been given important messages regarding the incident … We have intelligence from several sources that indicate that the plane was shot down by an Iranian air-to-air missile, the head of the Canadian government told .

He added that, according to the information received, the plane was shot down unintentionally. At the same time, Trudeau urged not to rush to conclusions and conduct a comprehensive and transparent investigation to establish the true causes of the crash.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump told reporters: “I have my suspicions. I do not want to talk about this, as other people have similar suspicions. This is a tragedy. But someone could have made a mistake. He (the plane) flew in a rather harsh area. ” The American leader urged to wait for the decryption of the black boxes and expressed hope that the Iranian authorities will transfer them to Boeing.

Even Johnson commented on the crash of Boeing

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said his word: “At present, there is a lot of information that the plane was shot down by an Iranian ground-to-air missile. This could very well have happened unintentionally. We work closely with Canada and our international partners, it is necessary to conduct a full and transparent investigation. ”

The Prime Minister noted in his written statement that it is now extremely important to ensure the immediate repatriation of the bodies of the victims so that families can say goodbye to them. He recalled that there were four British citizens aboard the Ukrainian plane, their families are now being supported.

“This is a tragedy, and I’m mentally with those who have lost loved ones,” Johnson said. “Britain continues to urge all parties to immediately de-escalate and reduce tensions in the region,” the prime minister added.

Iran rejects this version of the Boeing crash

Nevertheless, the head of the Iranian civil aviation organization Ali Abedzade categorically rejects allegations that the Ukrainian Boeing was shot down by a rocket. “These words are completely irrational,” he said on the air of IRIB TV2.

When asked to comment on rumors that rocket fragments were found near the plane, he replied: “This is not so. Perhaps some social networks are trying to inflate this topic. ”

The Boeing 737-800 Ukraine International Airlines flying to Kiev crashed shortly after departing from Tehran airport on Wednesday morning. According to official figures, 176 people were killed. 167 passengers from Iran, Ukraine, Canada, the UK, Germany, Sweden and Afghanistan and nine crew members. Most of the passengers were Canadians – 63 people.

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