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US begins to blackmail Iraq with oil export earnings

US begins to blackmail Iraq with oil export earnings 

The United States began blackmailing Iraq, which it controlled for a decade and a half. According to The Wall Street Journal, Washington threatened to deprive Baghdad of access to money from oil exports stored in the United States.

 United States White House

In particular, according to newspaper sources, such a warning was made by a representative of the American Of the State Department . This happened during his telephone conversation with the acting Prime Minister of Iraq, Adel Abdel Mahdi.

The State Department said it could block Baghdad’s account with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It is one of 12 banks that are part of the US Federal Reserve. This structure performs the functions of a central bank in the country.

On this account, in particular, funds are received that were received from the sale of Iraqi oil to other countries, the newspaper notes. It states that this step will seriously damage the Iraqi economy.

What kind of amount is involved, the article does not specify. Washington believes that in the event of the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, Iran may receive some of these funds. US authorities do not want to allow this.

The United States could cause serious financial damage to Iraq

The publication says that in 2015, US authorities blocked access to the account for Baghdad for several weeks. This was done because of suspicions that part of the funds from it was directed to the needs of Iran, as well as to the Islamic State terrorist group (banned in the Russian Federation). According to the newspaper, this created serious difficulties for the financial system of Iraq.

Recall, a week ago, the Iraqi parliament voted to end its foreign presence in the country, that is, to withdraw US troops. So Baghdad reacted to the killing on the territory of Iraq of the Iranian general Kassem Suleimani. About 5,000 American troops are currently in Iraq.

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