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US appointed Russia as its “energy enemy”

US appointed Russia as its “energy enemy” 

The United States does not yet say anything concrete about possible sanctions against Russia to stabilize the oil market, but stress that the Russian Federation is an energy enemy for them. Such a statement, in particular, was made at a special briefing by a representative of the US State Department.

 US State Department

“Talking about this is categorically against our policy, so I will refrain from commenting … I gave examples of a number of cases … when Russia used energy as a hostile player for hostile purposes. Let this fact speak for itself, “- said the representative of the State Department .

” We urge all players to pay attention to the current moment of global uncertainty and economic turmoil and take responsible measures so that we can overcome them together ”, He noted.

The US wants to impose sanctions against Russia

Previously, The Wall Street Journal reported citing sources that the US could impose sanctions against Russia in an attempt to stabilize the global oil market. In any case, the administration of US President Donald Trump is exploring this possibility. At the same time, the newspaper’s sources do not specify exactly what restrictive measures will be aimed at and what step Moscow could provoke.

Typically, Washington is only going to call on Saudi Arabia to return to its previous level of oil production. The newspaper emphasizes that Washington intends to use diplomatic channels for this, including at the level of the State Department and the National Security Council of the White House.

Earlier, Trump himself commented on the collapse in oil prices: “On the one hand, it helps our consumers very much, it like a huge tax cut … But on the other hand, it hurts our oil industry. ”

“ We have serious leverage to influence the situation. We are trying to find something in between. This is very ruinous for Russia, because they have the whole economy based on hydrocarbons. Now the lowest oil prices for decades, so it is very ruinous for Russia. This is very bad for Saudi Arabia. But they are fighting over price and production. At the right time, I will intervene, ”the president added. : ///

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