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US and Canada want to introduce duties on Saudi and Russian oil

US and Canada want to introduce duties on Saudi and Russian oil 

US and Canadian authorities discuss possible imposition of duties on oil imports from Russia and Saudi Arabia. This was reported by The Financial Times with reference to the Prime Minister of the Canadian largest oil producing province Albert Jason Kenny.

 US oil duty

He told that he had negotiations with Washington on “alleged import tariffs on oil flowing to North America. ” US officials also confirmed to the newspaper that the Department of Energy is considering whether duties would be an effective method of influencing Saudi Arabia and Russia.

They, however, emphasized that this option is preliminary and is being discussed along with other ways to resolve the issue. In general, this is still a mild exposure option compared to that offered by the US oilman.

Shalemen demand sanctions against Moscow and Riyadh

“American shale workers have launched an aggressive lobbying campaign in support of new sanctions against Saudi Arabia and Russia. They urge the White House to force oil-producing countries to cut production in order to maintain oil prices, ” writes FT.

In particular, according to the newspaper, American oilmen suggested cutting off the Texas Motiva refinery owned by Saudi Aramco from crude oil supplies. It is also proposed to introduce duties on oil imports.

In addition, the shales want to suspend the famous Jones Act. It forbids ships flying foreign flags to transport cargo between US ports, and thereby makes American oil more expensive than imported. Finally, oil workers ask the White House to stop US military aid to Riyadh.

They also call for sanctions against Russian oil companies, which, by the way, unlike Saudi Aramco, did not increase production. True, at the same time, American shale producers proposed to abolish even the existing restrictions on the oil industry of the Russian Federation, if they agree to reduce the production of raw materials. : ///

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