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Transformer “Gazprom Neft” will refuel the plane much faster

Transformer “Gazprom Neft” will refuel the plane much faster 

The first in Russia modular aerodrome refueling tanker-transformer was tested at the international airport of Omsk. It will be used in its operations by Gazpromneft-Aero.

 Gazprom Neft refueling a transformer aircraft


“The introduction of a new type of tankers will reduce the time of servicing automobile equipment by 50%. This will optimize the logistics of delivering aviation fuel to the wing of the aircraft, “the company said in a press release.

” The unique design scheme makes it possible to quickly assemble the necessary modification of the car from four basic elements. This is a tractor, a lifting platform, a filling module and a semitrailer-tank “, – noted in the message.

The pilot model of the modular tanker is a Russian development of the Ruskomtrans enterprise. The transformer allows both wide-body aircraft and regional and small aircraft to be fueled “into the wing”.

How the transformer coped with it at the Omsk airport

At the Omsk-Tsentralny airport, specialists checked the performance of all vehicle systems in various modifications. More than 50 regular flights have already been refueled with the help of the modular tanker.

“Together with our partners, we were the first in Russia to develop and test a modular tanker, unique for the domestic aviation industry. It showed high efficiency of work directly on the airport apron “, – said Vladimir Egorov, General Director of Gazpromneft-Aero.

” This first machine will continue to operate in Omsk, where we are developing modern infrastructure for refueling aircraft. ” into the wing ”. The next stage of the project will be the production of similar vehicles for work in other Russian airports, ”added the head of the company.

By the way, Gazpromneft Aero will now be able to receive payments for aviation fuel instantly. And not in four or five days, as before. This was made possible by the company completing trials of its own blockchain-based digital Smart Fuel platform.

As a result, the time between the fuel supplier and the airline was reduced to 15 seconds. The project partners are Smartavia, VTB and Raiffeisenbank. The pilot project was implemented at the Murmansk international airport. There, more than 100 scheduled flights have already been refueled using the new digital system.

“The refueling application, payment and exchange of accounting documents take place online using applications on the pilot's and refueling operator's tablet computers. Thanks to blockchain technology, transaction data is guaranteed to be stored in the system and is available to all participants in the process, “- reports the company.

” The new digital Smart Fuel system has made the work of our partners as easy as possible. And increased the financial security of mutual settlements. This is extremely important in the current macroeconomic environment. Our development has a high potential for scaling up for the entire industry, ”says Anatoly Cherner, Deputy CEO for Logistics, Refining and Sales of Gazprom Neft. : ///

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