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Top 10 worst gadgets, services and accessories from Apple

Top 10 worst gadgets, services and accessories from Apple 

Macworld, an online magazine for Apple products and software, ranked the top 10 worst ideas for the company. This ranking includes computers, gadgets, services and accessories that have failed miserably in the market.


The ranking was compiled in honor of the 45th anniversary of the brand. Moreover, according to the opinion of authors, it was difficult to narrow the list down to ten worst products, since, in fact, there are significantly more of them. For this reason, only the brightest of Apple's failed releases made it to Macworld.

So, the list of the worst Apple gadgets and services

1. The infamous round USB mouse that was completely impossible to function properly. In addition, she also had a cable that was too short.

2. The third generation iPod Shuffle, which did not have a screen. Yes, it could easily have been fixed anywhere, but managing the tracklist was terribly inconvenient.

3. Electronic service eWorld. It never managed to attract a significant number of users.

4. Siri Remote. There were no particular complaints about it as a device, but users were annoyed that it “gets lost all the time.”

5. Speaker system iPod Hi-Fi. It is a bulky and expensive device that could only work with Apple players.

6. The “ugly” Mac Pro. It was a terribly heavy aluminum box with two handles. It could only be carried by two people.

7. Multi-colored knitted socks for iPod. No comment.

8. Apple Maps service. The developers planned that it would become a “killer” of maps from Google, but the implementation of the project failed.

9. Among the latest products and technologies, the butterfly keyboard was among the failures. It has been used in the company's laptops since 2015. According to the authors of the rating, this accessory turned out to be of such poor quality that the company launched a special service program to repair the keyboard.

10. And, finally, in the top 10 was placed a case for the most expensive Apple headphones – AirPods Max. Journalists called this impractical accessory “a strange hybrid of a handbag and a failed art project.” : ///

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