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The United States admitted its impotence under the sanctions against Russia

The United States admitted its impotence under the sanctions against Russia 

The United States actually admitted its impotence under sanctions against Russia. The impossibility of doing anything else against the Russian Federation in the current situation was signed by White House National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien.

 US White House sanctions

“The problem with the Russians is that there is not much that can be subject to sanctions. I think we have sanctioned 300 organizations and oligarchs in Russia. We have been sanctioning all energy companies, “ told a US official.

” There is not much we can do in terms of sanctions with Russia. We are, of course, looking for other places where we can show discontent. But this is difficult to do due to the comprehensive nature of the existing sanctions, “O'Brien said, speaking at the Aspen Institute.

Earlier, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said that Washington has now imposed sanctions against 350 individuals and 500 legal entities RF. In addition, 15 bills against Russia are pending in Congress.

US sanctions no longer make any sense

Earlier, a partner of Matrix Capital Pavel Teplukhin expressed the opinion that the new sanctions against Russia, like the old ones, have lost their effectiveness and will not be able to significantly affect the Russian economy. [19659004] “Possible new sanctions restrictions on Russia will have an increasingly limited effect. And those who make decisions on sanctions understand this well and take into account several aspects in this regard, “the expert noted.

” Those players who fear sanctions have already insured themselves over several years and made a number of decisions to protect themselves. … They got out of potentially dangerous ruble instruments and projects, corrected the legal issues of their activities. Accordingly, there were those who are not afraid, “Teplukhin explained.

” As for the US trade sanctions, they were initially ineffective due to the small trade turnover between our countries, which cannot be said, for example, about Venezuela, “he continued .

Finally, the most important thing is that foreign investment for 30 years has not become a significant factor in Russia's economic development. They remained a margin factor, Teplukhin added. “Therefore, the Russian economy is quite stable in this sense. The sanctions are unpleasant, but not fatal, ”he concluded. : ///

Record The United States acknowledged its impotence of sanctions before Russia first appeared TEKNOBLOG .

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