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The Suez Canal has learned to instantly remove ships from the shallows

The Suez Canal has learned to instantly remove ships from the shallows 

The Suez Canal clearly learned a lesson from the Ever Given incident. Today the waterway administration was successfully tested by the exact same incident that happened near the entrance to the Big Bitter Lake.

 Suez Canal ATR

Greek tanker Minerva Nike almost blocking the canal, running aground in its southern part. However, there were two tugboats near the ship when it blocked the navigable artery.

They very quickly “pulled” the tanker aground. And the passage of other ships by the Suez Canal was very insignificantly disrupted. “The movement of ships along the canal has been restored. Everything is all right, “- informed source to RIA Novosti.

This incident showed that now the administration of the channel is in a high degree of preparedness to eliminate various incidents. And henceforth will not allow the weekly blockage of the water artery.

The Suez Canal was practically in a state of collapse

Recall that at the end of March, the Suez Canal was blocked by a 400-meter container ship Ever Given. In difficult weather conditions, he ran aground on the bank of the canal, and then by inertia he turned around and ran aground astern on the other bank.

The channel was blocked for six days. About 400 ships have accumulated in the waterway itself and in front of its entrances. The canal rescue teams had to extract tens of thousands of tons of sand from under the nose of the container ship. And only after that Ever Given was able to get off the shallows and to take to the Big Bitter Lake.

But it took three more days for the “plug” from the ships to dissipate. At the same time, the head of the administration, Osama Rabia, assured the safety of the waterway. The Suez Canal leadership was not to blame for the incident, he stressed.

“Such a complex incident could arise for several reasons. These are both technical reasons and human errors, – explained the leader. – Thousands of ships pass the channel regularly, and there have been no such incidents. The current incident is an accident. ” : ///

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