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The price of gas for the population of Ukraine has grown 14 times

The price of gas for the population of Ukraine has grown 14 times 

In the period from 2014 to the present, the price of gas for the population of Ukraine has grown 14 times. This was stated by Viktor Medvedchuk, Chairman of the Political Council of the Opposition Platform – For Life.

 Ukraine gas prices expert

So, in 2014-2021, the price of gas for the Ukrainian population jumped by 1300%. As the politician noted, such a rise in the cost of utilities is much faster than the growth of real incomes of Ukrainians. “This has long become an overwhelming burden for most citizens,” – added he.

He added that in the last year alone, the cost of housing and communal services for Ukrainians increased by 22%. Electricity tariffs increased by 36.6%. For gas – by 63.6%, and for hot water and heating – by 10.4%.

Why Ukrainians began to pay so much for gas

Earlier this situation was commented on by the independent Polish expert on energy Andrzej Szczęsnyak in his article for Myśl Polska. According to him, the refusal of the Ukrainian authorities to supply natural gas from the Russian Federation led to the fact that ordinary Ukrainians began to pay much more for gas and heating.

In 2015, Gazprom stopped supplying gas to Ukraine because it “stopped paying its bills. ”. Kiev called this decision “political blackmail” and began “proudly counting the days without Russian gas,” the expert recalled.

“It was complete nonsense, since natural gas from Russia to Europe continued to transit through Ukraine. And she took it from the gas pipelines, letting it go to her own, becoming more and more modest, needs. To legalize such a system, a “virtual reverse” was invented, – noted Szczęsnyak.

For this purpose, a mechanism of “winding the counter” appeared. It was a small pipeline loop at the border control point, in which gas was circulated. As a result, Ukrainians continued to receive Russian fuel, but it was already costing them at European prices.

“The comparison of Ukrainian prices and prices on European exchanges was breathtaking. Western suppliers (and their partners in this procedure in Ukraine) were making good money on a simple scheme, “explained Shchensnyak.

” All gas imported to Ukraine was Russian, but the West skimmed the cream. 25-50% of the difference in price was covered by ordinary Ukrainians, who began to pay much more for gas and heating, ”the author concluded. : ///

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