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The new damper will not lead to a decrease in gasoline prices

The new damper will not lead to a decrease in gasoline prices 

The new fuel damper, effective May 1, will not drive gas prices down. This opinion was expressed by the head of the analytical center of the Independent Fuel Union Grigory Bazhenov.

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“This mechanism is aimed at keeping prices down. But it works to a limited extent. And, despite the adjustment, it is unlikely that it will be possible to achieve the results set by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Energy “, – explained expert.

” At gas stations, prices will continue to rise. The only question is how quickly they will increase, ”Bazhenov told He believes that this year the rapid rise in gasoline prices in Russia will be 5-6%.

In turn, the chief economist of VYGON Consulting, Doctor of Economics Sergei Yezhov believes that a damper is necessary to stabilize the market. “These measures are aimed at preventing the price of gasoline from rising even more. And not to reduce it at the moment, “he added.

Recall that from May 1, an adjusted damper was introduced on the domestic fuel market in Russia. This was done to compensate gasoline companies for part of the losses.

The Ministry of Energy explained that a draft decree on adjusting the damper parameters is under consideration by the government. Document will be approved later, but the new damper started working on May 1. “Thus, the adjustments began to work fully, having a positive effect on the fuel market,” the Ministry of Energy noted.

“The government will be able to keep the rise in prices at gas stations within the annual inflation. And to maintain the availability of this socially important product for all categories of consumers in Russia. As well as the normal profitability of the fuel business, which restrains companies from unreasonable growth in retail prices, ”stressed Nikolai Shulginov, Minister of Energy.

What are the parameters of the adjusted damper

According to the project, the conditional price of gasoline in the damper formula will decrease by 4 thousand rubles per ton from the current price from May 1 to December 31. From 2022 – by 2.7 thousand rubles from the one established now in the Tax Code. And from 2023 it will be indexed by 3%. In addition, the annual indexation of the price included in the damper mechanism for diesel fuel will decrease to 3% from 5% from January 1, 2022.

The conventional price of gasoline in the formula by the end of the year will be 52.3 thousand rubles per tonne in absolute terms … During 2022, it will be equal to 55.2 thousand rubles per ton. In 2023 – 56.9 thousand rubles, and in 2024 – 58.65 thousand rubles.

And the conventional price for diesel fuel this year will remain at the level of 50.7 thousand rubles per ton. During 2022, it will be equal to 52.25 thousand rubles per ton. In 2023 – 53.85 thousand rubles, in 2024 – 55.5 thousand rubles per ton.

The damper to contain fuel prices on the domestic market in Russia began to work in 2019. In general terms, if the export price of gasoline and diesel fuel is higher than the conditional domestic Russian price, then the state will compensate oil companies for part of this difference so that they do not raise prices in the Russian Federation. And if Russian prices are higher than export prices, the oilmen share with the state part of their super-profits from domestic fuel sales. : ///

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