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The main supplier of parts for the Boeing 737 MAX is firing thousands

The main supplier of parts for the Boeing 737 MAX is firing thousands 

Spirit AeroSystems, which supplies 70% of the components for the Boeing 737 MAX airliner, “temporarily” dismisses 2.8 thousand employees. This is stated in the company’s press release.

 Boeing 737 MAX

“Spirit has resorted to such actions because of the suspension of production of the 737 MAX and the continuing uncertainty about the time of the resumption of production and the level of production when it will be renewed, “the statement said. .

” Based on the final production plans agreed with Boeing, Spirit may be forced to make additional staffing decisions in the future, “the document says.

“Spirit believes that when production resumes, it the Level will be lower than previously expected, “- said the company. This is due to the fact that first Boeing will have to implement the complete sets of parts available in Spirit hangars for more than 100 aircraft. In addition, Boeing has several hundred finished, but not handed over to customers machines.

Boeing puts an end to 737 MAX?

Previously, it became known that Boeing suspends the production of 737 MAX liners. As stated in a press release of the corporation this will happen, “since certification is postponed until 2020, and a decrease in production allows focusing on the delivery of existing aircraft.”

Flights of the 737 MAX model aircraft have been suspended since March after two air crashes, which are suspected of defects in one of the systems that worked incorrectly and caused disasters despite the actions of pilots.

In October 2018, a Lion Air company crashed in Indonesia, and Ethiopian Air in March, killing 346 people. Boeing is addressing these shortcomings and has updated the pilot training program. After the second crash, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) began an aircraft certification audit. Until its completion, all flights of this model in the United States are prohibited.

The aircraft manufacturer expected that the ban would last no more than three months, but now we are talking about February next year. In this regard, many airlines have reduced or even stopped purchasing new airliners, which is why the corporation has experienced a crisis of overproduction. Now the new 737 MAX already has to be stored in a parking lot near the enterprise.

Currently, Boeing pays compensation to the victims of air crashes, but this is nothing compared to the amounts that the airlines intend to claim for their inability to operate aircraft. According to experts, their total losses are already approaching ten billion dollars.

Who wants to fly a Boeing 737 MAX

But even airlines that are ready to resume flights 737 MAX immediately after the lifting of the ban, strongly doubt that this can be done quickly. The reputation of the aircraft is destroyed, and whether passengers want to fly it is a big question. The largest US carriers American Airlines and Southwest Airlines have already announced that they will give customers the right to refuse the 737 MAX.

UBS experts “are no longer confident that after returning to the market, the 737 MAX will be in demand by passengers.” Bank of America Merrill Lynch points to growing uncertainty about when MAX will return to flight. “The key problems for investors – risk management and information disclosure – can negatively affect the value of Boeing shares in the foreseeable future,” bank experts warn.

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