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The main gas producers of the Russian Federation will create LNG technologies together

The main gas producers of the Russian Federation will create LNG technologies together 

The largest gas producing companies in Russia will join forces in the development of domestic technologies for liquefying natural gas. This was stated in an interview with the journal Energy Policy by the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.

 LNG evaporator


“An agreement has been developed as part of the roadmap for the localization of equipment for medium and large-capacity LNG production about intentions between Rosneft, Gazprom and NOVATEK, which implies cooperation between the parties in the creation of technologies and equipment, “said the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

” This agreement implies the supply of Russian equipment annogo under the new R & D support programs, which will be implemented from 2020, “- said Manturov

It should be noted that in Russia is already being developed in the field of LNG.. In particular, the technology for industrial production of steel has been created, which has unique characteristics that allow it to be used in arctic conditions. We are talking about the construction of cryogenic tanks and equipment for storage and production of liquefied natural gas.

This steel was created by the State Scientific Center “Central Scientific Research Institute of Engineering Technology” (TSNIITMASH, part of the Atomenergomash holding state-owned corporation Rosatom Engineering Division) ) in collaboration with Ural Steel.

What the new LNG technology can do

“Material and technology are necessary for use in LNG production projects and can be used in the Far North. In terms of their characteristics, new steel grades surpass existing analogues of Russian and foreign production and at the same time allow a quarter to reduce costs in the manufacture of equipment for LNG, ”said Atomenergomash press release .

Work on creating technologies for the industrial production of plate products from new nickel-containing steel grades of type 0H6 began in the spring of this year. They were carried out by scientists of TsNIITMASH together with technologists of Ural Steel. In the fall, the Urals plant successfully melted and rolled an experimental batch of sheets of various thicknesses.

This will allow Russian enterprises to enter the market for highly profitable products. The use of such steel will reduce the cost of manufacturing cryogenic apparatuses by 25%. It will provide all the necessary properties and safety and reliability requirements, said Yevgeny Yakushev, deputy director of the Institute of Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering of TsNIITMASH.

Cold-resistant low- and medium-alloyed nickel steels are widely used in world practice for the manufacture of tanks, tanks and equipment for LNG projects. The creation of our own technology for the production, storage and transportation of liquefied natural gas is one of the priority tasks set by Russian President Vladimir Putin for the domestic industry.

In order to solve it, the government of the Russian Federation approved a roadmap for the location of critical equipment in 2018. The activities within the framework of the roadmap provide for the localization of the entire spectrum of key LNG equipment and the construction of test sites for its testing. In addition, the creation of Russian standards and regulatory framework, as well as the development of domestic technologies in terms of medium and large-capacity gas liquefaction (capacity from 1 million tons per year). :

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