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The European Commission is persistently politicizing Nord Stream 2

The European Commission is persistently politicizing Nord Stream 2 

The European Commission is persistently politicizing the Nord Stream 2 project. EC head Ursula von der Leyen made a statement that cannot be interpreted otherwise than as an attempt to make the pipeline a “weapon” against Russia.

 European Commission Nord Stream 2


“Russia's behavior has not improved and even tends to deteriorate. Our hope of further progress with this pipeline is diminishing, ” von der Leyen told to Les Echos. And the attitude of the Nord Stream 2 project, which was previously based on economic principles, now requires changes.

“I am convinced that this is also a highly political project. Russia is not going to change its attitude because of this infrastructure. Therefore, we must reintegrate this topic into a wider range of relations with Moscow, “- explained the head of the European Commission.

I must say, the European Parliament before von der Leyen started hysteria around Nord Stream 2. He adopted a resolution demanding all kinds of sanctions against Russia and an investigation of the “Alexei Navalny case” by all organizations existing in the world. But most importantly: they demand the closure of Nord Stream 2.

“The European Parliament calls for the immediate launch of an independent international investigation into the incident with Navalny with the involvement of the EU, UN, Council of Europe, EU allies, as well as the OPCW,” the document says .

“The European Parliament insists that the EU adopt as soon as possible an extensive list of sanctions against Russia in the spirit of the Magnitsky Act and strengthen existing sanctions. The European Parliament, in the light of the Navalny case, again called for a halt to the construction of Nord Stream 2, the resolution emphasizes.

“Nord Stream-2” may not pay attention to the European Parliament

Such attacks should not be taken seriously. Resolutions of the European Parliament are of a recommendatory nature and are not binding even by EU institutions. Moreover, the institutions themselves have absolutely nothing to do with the Nord Stream 2 project.

A few days ago, EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell spoke at a session of the European Parliament. He said that no pan-European structure can stop the construction of the pipeline.

“We are acting within the powers of the EU institutions. EU institutions have no authority to stop Nord Stream 2. This is not a question for them, but for the community states that are promoting this project, “Borrell said.

” Of course, Navalny's poisoning will have consequences for relations between Russia and the EU, we will discuss this issue at a meeting of foreign ministers, “said Borrell. “However, you may recall that the European Commission has never expressed much optimism about this project.” : ///

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