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The budget of the Russian Federation will receive less than 100 billion rubles of oil and gas revenues

The budget of the Russian Federation will receive less than 100 billion rubles of oil and gas revenues 

In August, the Russian budget will receive less than 92.5 billion rubles of oil and gas revenues due to the excess of the base oil price over the actual one. This is stated in the materials of the Ministry of Finance posted on the official website of the ministry.

 Budget Taxes NDD MET Oil dividends

The expected volume of additional oil and gas revenues of the federal budget in August 2020 is projected at 27.5 billion rubles, the materials say. According to the Ministry of Finance, the total amount of funds allocated for the sale of foreign currency is 64.9 billion rubles.

Operations will be carried out in the period from August 7 to September 4, 2020, respectively, the daily volume of foreign currency sales will be equivalent to 3, 1 billion rubles. In July, the deviation of actually received oil and gas revenues from the expected volume amounted to 47.8 billion rubles.

Meanwhile, in June, the head of the Russian Audit Chamber Alexei Kudrin predicted that the federal budget would not receive the same oil revenues after the end of the coronavirus crisis.

“What will be the role of oil after the pandemic? And before the crisis, the role of hydrocarbons in the world was revised, including due to climate change and discussions about the future of the planet, now it is becoming even more urgent, “Kudrin writes in his article for Kommersant.

” Alternative energy is becoming everything is more accessible. Oil production in Russia will not fall, but we will no longer have the rent that has been for the last 20 years, ”Kudrin noted in his article. In his opinion, this is the most important challenge.

The budget can replace oil rent with a figure

“Rent” will now be provided by new technological and innovative solutions, a figure, but only if we are ahead of others. The very critical moment has come for the turn from the oil economy to the economy of knowledge and technology, “he wrote.

The head of the Accounts Chamber notes that the virus is less terrible for digital technologies, moreover, they provide completely revolutionary solutions and a change in the face entire industries.

“Our regulation and governance here are late and fail to meet these challenges. We have been talking about this for a long time. The demand for a new quality of state regulation is now extremely large, “Kudrin notes.

He recalled that after the arrival of the new government in January 2020, there was a vector for changes in this direction. “I hope this vector will become even more noticeable due to the crisis,” said the head of the Accounting Chamber. : ///

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