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Russian oil industry does not require state support

Russian oil industry does not require state support 

The Russian oil industry feels rather well and does not need state support. This was stated in an interview with the Russia-24 television channel by the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Maxim Reshetnikov.

 Cost of production of the Russian Federation


“So far they can cope. On the one hand, certain reserves have been accumulated, and on the other hand, our legislation has been built quite flexibly. That is, in the period of high oil prices, withdrawals from the industry are very large, and in the period of low oil prices they fall and fall almost to zero, ”explained the heads of the Ministry of Economic Development. “Not to zero, of course, but they are significantly reduced.”

“Here is another question – that this industry also faced a drop in demand. And the key topic is that domestic demand has fallen: for air transportation, for trucking. And this, of course, is also a very serious challenge for everyone, ”- added Reshetnikov.

The positiveness of the RA tax system was confirmed by the head of the Ministry of Energy

Earlier, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak explained at a video conference with leaders of the Duma factions that Russia always needs more expensive and never cheaper gasoline. [19659005] “In 2018, we selected the damper mechanism. It consists in ensuring stable prices for gas stations regardless of what prices were on the world oil markets, “said the head of the Ministry of Energy.

” It acts on a price in a balancing way. Compensation from the budget for restraining the retail price in the domestic market by growth not higher than inflation at high oil prices and, on the contrary, guarantees filling the budget at low, ”explained Novak.

“ This is a very good principle that allows us to level out, including , the situation associated with fluctuations in world prices, as well as generate budget revenues. So, at a price of $ 20 per barrel, budget revenues from the damper will amount to 1 trillion rubles, ”the minister emphasized. : ///

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