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Russian drones will soon enter the Central Ring Road

Russian drones will soon enter the Central Ring Road 

Russian UAV vehicles, which are to be tested on public roads, will soon enter the Central Ring Road. The head of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation Evgeny Dietrich told reporters about it.



“The drones will be tested at the Central Ring Road. In the process of revising national projects, on behalf of the President, we proposed several new federal projects that should be included. One of them concerned the use of unmanned vehicles “, – explained the minister .

” Given the certain difficulties with financing, this topic did not pull on a separate federal project. But we agreed that three directions will be equipped for the operation of unmanned vehicles. This is the M-11 road, the Central Ring Road and the Moscow Central Railway Junction, ”Dietrich said.

True, so far Russian UAVs are not ready to drive on roads without driver control. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the revised roadmap for the withdrawal of highly automated vehicles on Russian roads.

According to the document revised by the government, conditions for testing unmanned vehicles without an engineer at the driver's seat and their commercial operation on public roads as part of an experiment will be created in certain regions in the I-II quarters of 2021. In the previous version of the roadmap, the deadline was the end of the 3rd – 4th quarters of 2020.

“All the activities set out in the roadmap require detailed study with market participants. The opinion of many experts was not taken into account. This will make it possible to correct the most controversial aspects of the roadmap, say, the same tests without an engineer behind the wheel, “said Yaroslav Fedoseyev, a spokesman for Autonet. Some may, for example, Yandex, but other developers are still very far from them, ”added Fedoseev.

There is a way to make drones drive better than humans

Legislative consolidation of legal relations arising from the withdrawal of drones on the road is scheduled for the end of 2021. After that, it is planned to develop a regulatory framework for the investigation of accidents with such machines. And also to establish the peculiarities of transportation of passengers and luggage by drones, follows from the document.

“The roadmap did not include solutions that would allow unmanned vehicles to interact with the road infrastructure wirelessly. In fact, this would teach self-driving cars to drive many times more professionally than ordinary drivers. It is unrealistic to do this in a few months. It is likely that 2021 is a very optimistic period. It can be shifted, “the representative of” Autonet “said. : ///

Record Russian drones will soon enter the Central Ring Road first appeared TEKNOBLOG .

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