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Russia will be “blamed” for the death of the Ukrainian Boeing 737

Russia will be “blamed” for the death of the Ukrainian Boeing 737 

Ultimately, Russia will be blamed for the death of the Ukrainian Boeing 737 in Tehran. This opinion was expressed in a commentary for the FAN by journalist, political scientist, publicist and public figure Armen Gasparyan.

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He has good reason for this. Earlier, the former secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov wrote on Facebook: “Not only the Iranian leadership, but also the Russian Federation should be responsible for the downed Ukrainian Boeing.”

He explained this by saying that Tehran is Moscow’s strategic partner, which means she could participate in “preparing a missile attack”. In addition, he drew a parallel between the tragedy with the Ukraine International Airlines plane in Tehran and the Malaysian airliner that crashed near Donetsk in the summer of 2014.

“There was no other way to expect from him. Turchinov belongs to the category of the most inveterate Russophobia. And it was clear that this part of the Ukrainian establishment, if one could even call it that, would actively support the agenda set by the American curators, ”Gasparyan is sure.

At the same time, the political scientist believes that the link to the deceased Malaysian airliner is “part of a big political game in which very soon they will completely forget about Iran and transfer their main attention to Russia”. Gasparyan is sure that politicians from the Baltic countries, Poland and, possibly, Moldova will soon join the opinion of the ex-secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

However, in his opinion, this will end. Serious politicians do not heed the appeal of Turchinov. Its task is to maintain the necessary information picture and nothing more, the expert pointed out.

Iranian President apologizes for the downed Boeing

Meanwhile, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani assured that everyone involved in the destruction of the Ukrainian aircraft will be held accountable. This was reported by the press service of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky following their telephone conversation.

“Official Tehran assured that all those involved in the crash will be held accountable, and all necessary support will be provided to the Ukrainian expert group for further effective cooperation in legal and technical planes, ”the press release said.

Rouhani during the conversation expressed his condolences to the Ukrainian people and the families of the victims. “He apologized to the Iranian side for the tragedy that claimed 176 lives. The head of the Islamic Republic of Iran fully admits that the tragedy occurred due to erroneous actions by the military of this country, “the report said.

” The recognition of the “missile version” as the cause of the disaster opened the way for further investigation without any delays and obstacles, ”Zelensky quotes his press service. The Ukrainian president also said he looked forward to further constructive engagement with Iran in accordance with international law.

How the Ukrainian Boeing 737 died

The Boeing 737-800 Ukraine International Airlines flying to Kiev crashed shortly after leaving Tehran Airport on Wednesday morning. All 176 people died: 167 passengers from Iran, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, Sweden and Afghanistan and nine crew members.

On Saturday, the Iranian military said that the Ukrainian Boeing was shot down by accident. The reason for this was the human factor: the plane flew near the military facility of Iran and was mistaken for an enemy.

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