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“Russia” of the “Leader” project will become a unique super icebreaker

“Russia” of the “Leader” project will become a unique super icebreaker 

The construction of the Leader project, the world's most powerful nuclear-powered icebreaker, Russia, began at the Zvezda Far Eastern shipyard. This was reported in the Atomflot company (Rosatomflot, part of the Rosatom state corporation).

 Icebreaker Leader


“The first metal cutting for the construction of the 10510 Lider nuclear-powered icebreaker took place On July 6, at a shipyard in the city of Bolshoi Kamen of the Primorsky Territory, “the company noted.

The contract for the creation of a nuclear icebreaker for this project was signed by Rosatomflot and the Zvezda shipbuilding complex in April. Commissioning of the vessel is scheduled for 2027.

“The vessel of project 10510 has no analogues. The unique atomic icebreaker has exceptional technical characteristics. They will enable him to securely ensure year-round operations in the eastern region of the Arctic, ”said General Director of Rosatomflot Mustafa Kashka.

The icebreaker was given the name“ Russia ”. The vessel will be equipped with a nuclear power plant with two RITM-400 reactors and a steam turbine unit with four 37 MW turbine generators each. As well as an electric propulsion system with four propeller motors of 30 MW each.

What is the icebreaker of the Leader project capable of

On Radio Sputnik, captain 1st rank reserve military expert Vasily Dandykin rated the project. “This is a completely unique ship. In fact, this is a whole floating city. This is 70 thousand tons of displacement, more than 200 meters in length, this is a huge capacity of nuclear reactors, “said the expert.

” And, of course, this is technology, this is the corresponding metal. Such an icebreaker will be capable of breaking ice at four meters. This means that the Russian Northern Sea Route will be year-round, and the route from the Asian region will be the shortest and cheapest. This is the uniqueness of this project, “said Dandykin.

” The main thing is that the icebreaker is being built at our shipyard. I believe that, taking into account the technologies that have already been developed in the construction of the Arctic icebreaker, there will be no particular problems with the construction of this super icebreaker. These are the 21st century icebreakers, they have been working for at least several decades. This is what will allow us to solve the tasks of both the economic and the defense plan, ”the expert concluded. : ///

Record “Russia” of the “Leader” project will become a unique super icebreaker first appeared TEKNOBLOG .

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