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Russia and Belarus are in conflict again over gas payments

Russia and Belarus are in conflict again over gas payments 

Russia and Belarus again cannot resolve the issue of payment for the supplied natural gas. The press service of the Belarusian Energy Ministry said that Minsk fully paid off with Gazprom for gas supplies in January-September of this year.

 RF Belarus oil products


However, Gazprom transgaz Belarus I do not agree with this. On October 16, 2020, OJSC Gazprom transgaz Belarus received from gas supplying organizations GPO Beltopgaz and OJSC Naftan funds in an amount equal to the amounts owed for natural gas supplies in April-September 2020 (GPO Beltopgaz) and May-September 2020 (OJSC Naftan) “, – reads in the message.

” At the same time, in violation of contracts for the supply of natural gas, acts of supply and acceptance of natural gas and acts of reconciliation for February-September 2020, gas supply organizations have not signed GPO Beltopgaz, “the press release says.

” Certificates of delivery and acceptance of natural gas for March-September and acts of reconciliation of payments for February-September 2020 of OJSC Naftan ”Are not signed. And in the payment documents the paid period is not indicated, the penalty for late payment for gas has not been paid, ”Gazprom Transgaz Belarus pointed out.

In this regard, the company noted that the Belarusian subsidiary of Gazprom does not consider the situation with settlements for gas fully settled until the signing of the above documents. As well as a written notification to OJSC “Gazprom transgaz Belarus” of payments made and their purpose in accordance with the concluded agreements. And full repayment of interest.

Russia and Belarus seem to have agreed

The head of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Alexander Novak, announced on September 3 that the prime ministers of Russia and Belarus instructed the responsible parties to work out the repayment of the debt for gas supplies to Belarus for this year.

Then on September 7 Novak said that, in general, they discussed the term of the Belarusian side's debt repayment for Russian gas until the end of September. At the moment, the debt is being reconciled and the sources of its repayment are being worked out. It was expected that Belarus would use about $ 330 million from the EFSD loan to repay its debt to Gazprom. : ///

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