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Rosatom will receive the Arctic icebreaker with one faulty engine

Rosatom will receive the Arctic icebreaker with one faulty engine 

Nuclear-powered icebreaker of project 22220 Arktika, the lead in the series, will be transferred to Rosatom with reduced power. This was told by the head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) Alexei Rakhmanov.

 Icebreaker Arctic of the NSR


Last week, the icebreaker “Arctic” left St. Petersburg for the final stage of sea trials. According to plans, in September-October it will be commissioned by state corporations. After testing, the Arctic icebreaker “Arktika” will be handed over to the customer for one year this year to carry out work on the mission in the Arctic. After that, the vessel will be returned to the Baltzavod to replace the right electric motor, ”Rakhmanov said.

The head of the USC explained that there were three electric motors with a capacity of 20 megawatts each installed on the vessel. At the same time, one of them works with a power of 8 megawatts lower due to a failed winding. According to the developer of the Arctic atomic icebreaker project, Iceberg Central Design Bureau, deviations from the design characteristics of the vessel will be insignificant when operating without a single engine.

The capacity of the icebreaker will be about 50 MW (instead of the design 60 MW), ice penetration loss will be up to 20 centimeters (from 2.9 meters), and the speed is 0.6 knots (from 22 knots for clean water). This is enough that the icebreaker could operate effectively in the Arctic.

The Arctic icebreaker is still the most powerful icebreaker in the world

The Arctic icebreaker was built by order of Rosatom. A new Russian RITM-200 reactor installation of two nuclear reactors with a thermal capacity of 175 megawatts each was installed at the nuclear-powered icebreaker. It has a unique energy-efficient integrated layout, which allows the placement of the main equipment directly inside the body of the steam generating unit.

Nuclear-powered icebreakers of Project 22220 are the largest and most powerful in the world. They are needed to ensure Russian leadership in the Arctic. The length of the vessel will be 173.3 meters, width – 34 meters, displacement – 33.5 thousand tons. These icebreakers will be able to navigate caravans of ships in arctic conditions, breaking ice up to three meters thick.

They will ensure the passage of vessels with hydrocarbon raw materials from the fields of the Yamal Peninsula, the Gydan Peninsula and the Kara Sea shelf to markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Now the Baltic Shipyard is building three more serial nuclear powered ships of Project 22220 – Sibir, Ural and Yakutia. : ///

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