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Putin told how authorities will help people fight coronavirus

Putin told how authorities will help people fight coronavirus 

President Vladimir Putin addressed the Russians in connection with the spread of the coronavirus. He outlined a number of initiatives that help prevent the development of an epidemic in Russia.

 Putin appeal

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“It is now extremely important to prevent the threat of the spread of the disease. Therefore, I declare the next week a non-working with the preservation of wages, “- said the head of state.

A long weekend, he said, will reduce the spread of coronavirus in Russia. Moreover, all life support structures, including transport, government and medicine, will continue to work next week.

Putin proposes to postpone voting on constitutional amendments

It is impossible to completely block the penetration of coronavirus into the Russian Federation, Putin admitted, but the country could be ahead of the curve. Russians should minimize the risks of the disease, the safest thing now is to stay home, he said. In this regard, the president expressed the opinion that voting on the amendment to the constitution should be postponed, a new date will be determined based on the recommendations of doctors.

“Naturally, the question arises of organizing an all-Russian vote on constitutional amendments with a predetermined date – April 22. You know how seriously, how seriously I take this, and, of course, I will ask you and express my opinion on this issue, which is fundamental, crucial for our country, for our society, ”he said.

“ All social benefits and benefits that are due to citizens over the next six months should be renewed automatically without providing any additional information and going to the authorities, ”the president emphasized.

Families entitled to maternity capital within the next three months, starting in April, will receive five thousand rubles for each child up to three years. Such support is important for families where children do not attend nurseries or kindergartens, as well as for parents who are on sick leave or parental leave.

Employers, Putin emphasized, must ensure stability in the labor market and prevent unemployment , the state will help. To support those who were on sick leave or lost their jobs, the president proposed calculating sick leave in Russia based on the amount of at least one minimum wage (minimum wage). Such a measure will be applied at least until the end of 2020.

Putin proposes to soften loan requirements

“I will dwell separately on the current socio-economic situation, here we also need additional steps. First of all, in order to ensure social protection of citizens, the preservation of their income and jobs, as well as support for small and medium-sized businesses in which millions of people are employed, ”Putin said.

The President also proposed revising vacation on consumer and mortgage loans without penalty sanctions, increase unemployment benefits from 8 to 12 thousand rubles. It is important to support those who might lose their jobs amid the situation with the coronavirus, the head of state said.

In addition, Putin asked the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to provide a mechanism for prolonging loans for individual entrepreneurs in sectors affected by coronavirus. It is necessary to give all small and medium-sized companies a six-month deferral for all taxes except VAT and insurance premiums. “I ask the government and the Central Bank to propose and take additional measures for the sustainable development of the real sector of the economy, including state guarantees,” he said

Bankruptcy proceedings in the Russian Federation should become feasible and not burdensome. Moreover, a moratorium on six months should be introduced for bankruptcy of enterprises in a difficult situation. The Cabinet of Ministers was instructed to constantly monitor the situation in the economy and adjust measures if necessary, Putin assured. : ///

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