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Putin suggested selling cars remotely

Putin suggested selling cars remotely 

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting on the development of the automotive industry. At it, he proposed a number of measures to support the automotive industry in the context of the “coronavirus” crisis.


“Thousands of enterprises across the country are somehow tied to automobile plants. These are large suppliers, small and medium-sized businesses, and retail chains, including car dealerships, service stations, and so on, ”the head of state said .

“ It is extremely important that all sanitary and preventive measures are strictly followed. ensure stable operation of the auto industry, substitute the shoulder for manufacturers. And above all, to support the demand for products in order to maintain employment and incomes of citizens, to save qualified specialists, engineers, and workers. So that those who supply components and spare parts, organize sales of equipment, have confidence in the reliability of this joint work, “Putin emphasized.

” I am convinced that, like the construction complex, the auto industry can become one of the basic supporting sectors for restoration the entire economy, ”the president explained. – It is extremely important, with strict observance of all sanitary, preventive measures, to ensure the stable operation of the automotive industry, to shoulder the manufacturers' shoulders. And first, to support the demand for products in order to maintain employment and incomes of citizens, to save qualified specialists. ”

What specifically Putin proposed

In this regard, the Russian leader noted: “We need not to interfere, but, on the contrary, remove administrative barriers to applying innovations in the automotive market faster. I ask the government, together with the industry community, to prepare overdue changes in the regulatory framework, including the possibility of remote transactions for the sale of automobiles. ”

The head of state noted the need to support the massive consumer demand for automotive products. “I mean preferential car loan programs such as“ family car ”or“ first car ”. This is when, for example, a young or large family can buy a car of domestic production with a discount on advance payment of 10%. I propose this year to additionally allocate 7 billion rubles to finance such programs. And thereby increase their accessibility for our citizens, “Putin said.

” I also propose expanding the program of preferential leasing of automobile equipment, trucks, commercial vehicles, which is in demand in small and medium-sized businesses in the countryside … Namely, an additional 6 billion rubles for such programs as “Preferential car leasing”. We have such a program as “Russian Tractor”, “Own Affair”, which also offer a discount on advance payments to the buyer, ”the head of state added.

Putin advises supporting car sharing:“ I propose for them to provide preferential leasing mechanisms and to allocate 2.5 billion rubles for these purposes. ” “I consider it necessary to send another 5 billion rubles for the purchase of ambulances. Thus, to increase the efficiency and accessibility of medical care, including for residents of small towns and villages, “the president said.

” In general, as part of all measures to support the automotive industry, we will focus on the support of those companies that provide and increase the level of localization, create high-quality modern jobs in Russia, ”Putin said. : ///

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