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Putin said when the Nord Stream 2 will be completed

Putin said when the Nord Stream 2 will be completed 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has no doubt that Russia will independently complete the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. He stated this to the media following negotiations with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

“ Yes, we can certainly complete it on our own, without attracting foreign partners “The question is the timing. This is the only question that arises in this connection,” the president explained.


“The completion of construction will be postponed for several months. But I hope that by the end of this year, or in the first next year’s slave ota will be completed and the gas pipeline will work, “Putin said.

Putin was supported by Angela Merkel

In turn, Angela Merkel emphasized:“ This is primarily an economic project, we consider it true … I believe that after the discussion that Nord Stream-2 can still be completed, despite these sanctions, the Russian president called the deadlines, there is some delay, but it really can be completed. ”

” I want to to repeat that for all political contradictions with the United States, we do not consider it right sterritorialnye sanctions. And therefore, we support this project as before, as a matter of fact, it is an economic project, “said the German Chancellor.

” The Russian and German assets have a number of large joint projects in the energy field. We appreciate the responsible position of the German government in support of the well-known Nord Stream-2 project, “Vladimir Putin added.

Meanwhile, even one of the main opponents of Nord Stream-2 – Poland – no longer hopes to stop the project. This opinion was voiced in an interview with the Welt newspaper by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Moravecki.

The head of the Polish government said: “there is little hope” that sanctions will hinder the completion of the construction of Nord Stream 2: they “will delay but will not prevent” it. Moreover, “in Poland it would be better for us that the construction of Nord Stream 2 does not begin,” Moravecki added.

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