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Putin instructed the Cabinet to urgently support the economy

Putin instructed the Cabinet to urgently support the economy 

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the cabinet. Following its results, the head of state instructed the government to prepare a package of emergency measures to support the economy. They should take effect soon, Putin added.

 Putin and the government


He emphasized that the situation that people and businesses face daily is difficult. “She requires us to take new steps, new actions, quick and prompt response. Such concrete proposals are being prepared, I know that the government, the presidential administration, we are working together on this, “the president added .

Putin noted that it’s important not just to make all decisions of the Cabinet on the fight against coronavirus and implement with the result for citizens and business. The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic is affecting key markets and cooperative ties, the president said.

“The world is changing. The crisis associated with the coronavirus pandemic affects key markets, the system of cooperation ties, ”the head of state emphasized. According to him, companies, including Russian ones, are looking for and quickly introducing fundamentally new business models based on digital and other advanced solutions.

“In this connection, I ask you to prepare and submit detailed reports on the implementation of all extraordinary measures that we have taken in March and April, including the following decisions. Let me remind you of this, ”the president said. He also said that he expected by May 6 reports from the government on the implementation of decisions taken to support the economy and the population.

The government has already accepted two packages of state support

A week earlier, Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov announced that the government is preparing new measures to support people and businesses to lead the economy out of the coronavirus crisis.

“We are preparing and we are developing measures to overcome the crisis from the economy, and as soon as the situation allows, we will. Of course, we are preparing both the third and fourth support packages, ”Reshetnikov noted. He recalled that the Russian authorities had already adopted two packages of measures to support the economy and citizens.

The first package of the Cabinet included, in particular, measures to assist small and medium-sized businesses. They have been granted a six-month deferral of mandatory tax payments (excluding VAT), insurance premiums are halved for workers with wages higher than the minimum wage. Unprecedented lending programs have also been launched.

In the second package – direct free financial assistance from the state to SMEs. In addition, it provides for the expansion of lending programs for medium and large businesses, support measures for backbone enterprises. In turn, according to Reshetnikov, the third package of measures is industry-specific. He also emphasized that all social obligations in the Russian Federation will be fulfilled. : ///

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