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Poland rushing to begin construction of Baltic Pipe

Poland rushing to begin construction of Baltic Pipe 

The Polish Gaz-Sistem received permission from the regional authorities to build the onshore part of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline. This was reported by the press service of the gas operator.


“On January 8, 2020, the Greater Poland Voivodeship decided to permit the construction of a 20-kilometer section of the Goleniow-Lvowek gas pipeline in the administrative districts of Miedzychud and Lvowek,” the message .

Poland is in a hurry with the start of construction of the Baltic Pipe, because it makes a big bet on it. Through this gas pipeline, “blue fuel” from Norway through Denmark will be transported to Polish territory.

The Polish authorities hope that by building this gas pipeline, they will get rid of Russia’s “energy expansion”. But Russian gas supplies will either decrease significantly, and ideally, as Warsaw estimates, they will be reduced to zero. But the problem is that Baltic Pipe will intersect with the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

Poland may regret opposing Nord Stream-2

“Intersection with Nord Stream-2 is very important. The Gaz-System will need to conclude an agreement with Gazprom on this issue, ”energy analyst at the Warsaw consultant Polityka Insight Robert Tomaszewski told The Financial Times last year.

According to a Polish expert, Gazprom may to win back for opposing Nord Stream-2 by delaying the construction of the Norwegian-Danish-Polish gas pipeline.

The length of the Baltic Pipe shelf section will be 275 km, it will pass through the exclusive economic zone of Denmark, Poland and Sweden. In Denmark, the pipe will exit in the city of Fax in the south of the country, and in Poland it will reach the Niechorze-Pogorzelica area.

The construction of the gas transmission pipeline will take place in three stages: connecting the gas transmission systems of Norway and Denmark, expanding the Danish infrastructure, and then laying directly The Baltic Pipe itself, which connects Poland and Denmark along the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

The annual throughput of the pipeline will be approximately 10 billion cubic meters. Construction of the Baltic Pipe will begin in 2020, and should be completed in 2022. The total project cost is estimated at 1.4-1.87 billion euros, and the total length is 900 kilometers.

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