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Pipelayer “Chersky” is afraid to go through the straits?

Pipelayer “Chersky” is afraid to go through the straits? 

Pipelayer Akademik Cherskiy arranged a leapfrog with a change of course because he fears American sanctions. This opinion was expressed on NSN by the leading expert of the National Energy Security Fund Igor Yushkov.

 Academician Chersky


“Why does“ Academician Chersky ”not indicate that he is going to the Baltic Sea completion of “Nord Stream-2 ″? In order that there were no formal grounds for the American regulators to bring the vessel under sanctions in advance. Because then it will be difficult for him to pass through the straits, “- explained expert.

This opinion has the right to life, but it leaves many questions. Firstly, why did the Cherskiy ship need to indicate half a dozen different ports along the route if the pipe layer could immediately designate the same Scottish Aberdeen, or, for example, Dutch Amsterdam, as the arrival port. In any case, the United States would not have any formal grounds for sanctions.

Secondly, Chersky avoided points that might delay him. Traveling around Africa, he got rid of the need to go through the Suez Canal and Gibraltar. And now, for some reason, the English Channel is sailing, although it could freely circumnavigate Britain to the west. This would only slightly increase the length of the ship's route. The logic of avoiding the straits is not obvious.

Thirdly, the pipe layer will somehow have to go through one of the Danish straits. And he will no longer be able to specify, for example, Nakhodka as the destination port. Because the most short-term employee of the US State Department will understand that it is impossible to go to the Far East of Russia through the Baltic.

And, finally, fourthly: until Chersky began laying the Nord Stream-2, there are no legal the US has no reason to sanction it in principle. The pipelayer could quite calmly indicate at least St. Petersburg as the place of arrival. De jure, this does not indicate in any way that the ship is going to build a Trans-Baltic gas pipeline.

Chersky goes to the place of work with the most intricate route

Recall that Academician Chersky is the only pipelayer available to Gazprom that can complete the construction of Nord Stream-2. It used to be that a ship needed two months to cover the entire distance from Nakhodka to the Baltic Sea.

However, the pipe layer went for some reason, the most intricate and long route that is possible. On February 10, the ship left the port of Nakhodka and headed for Singapore. But before reaching Singapore, Chersky changed course and went to the port of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka.

The ship was supposed to arrive there on March 18. But did not arrive. The pipe layer changed course again and headed for the Egyptian port of Suez. However, then “Chersky” again “changed his mind” and went to the Mozambique Channel in the western Indian Ocean, dividing Africa and the island of Madagascar. The pipelayer was heading to the port of Maputo in southern Mozambique, and was due to arrive there on March 23.

However, the ship passed Maputo and began to go around the southern tip of Africa, heading to Cape Town. This “move” is at least understandable. Given the catastrophic drop in oil prices, and, as a consequence, the decline in diesel prices, the Akademik Chersky vessel simply turned out to be around Africa than paying the Suez Canal fee

Then the pipelayer headed to the Canary Islands, but passing them set an Egyptian port of arrival Port Said. And, as expected, he calmly passed the Strait of Gibraltar, appointing Scottish Aberdeen as the new port of arrival. And now Nakhodka is set as the destination, from where the ship left two and a half months ago. And this is just ridiculous. : ///

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