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OFAC USA took GAZ Group under tight financial control

OFAC USA took GAZ Group under tight financial control 

The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury Department (OFAC) has taken GAZ Group under tight control, obliging it to report to OFAC every month and quarter. This follows from the list of answers to questions about the license to extend operations with the GAZ Group.



GAZ Group is obliged to confirm that it is not acting on behalf of or in the interests of Oleg Deripaska or any other person on the OFAC sanctions list. And also that control over the actions, policies and decisions of the company belongs to the board of directors and shareholders of the group. This information must be provided within five days after the end of each month “, – states in the document.

” GAZ Group “is obliged to provide audited financial statements and minutes of meetings of the board of directors, reports on its composition and changes … As well as lists of new planned joint ventures created by the GAZ Group and financial agreements concluded with the group in the amount of $ 5 million or more “- added to OFAC.

” Information must be submitted within five days after the close of each calendar quarter ”, – noted in the text. Last week OFAC once again extended the deferral of sanctions for GAZ Group until January 22, 2021.

Deripaska believes that Russia is still awaiting brutal US sanctions

Meanwhile, earlier billionaire Oleg Deripaska expressed in an interview with Business FM radio that if a candidate from the Democratic Party wins the presidential elections in the US in the fall, in the spring truly draconian sanctions will be imposed against Russia.

“If as a result of the American elections we see a change of administration and Democrats come, it is clear that all previous versions of the sanctions will seem to us just flowers,” the businessman stressed. He believes that “these promised“ hellish sanctions ”will most likely be introduced in March-April.”

“This will certainly affect the commodity market, all the promises of a fast so-called green development, will affect the market raw materials. Therefore, the situation is quite alarming, ”concluded Deripaska.

The US presidential election is scheduled for November 3 this year. The Republican Party is the incumbent President Donald Trump. From Democratic – Joe Biden. His official nomination at the party congress is to take place in mid-August. : ///

Record OFAC USA took “GAZ Group” under tight financial control first appeared TEKNOBLOG .

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