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Now “Chersky” is already tested by half of his squadron

Now “Chersky” is already tested by half of his squadron 

Now three auxiliary vessels are participating in the tests of the Akademik Chersky pipelayer near the Curonian Spit. This is evidenced by the ship tracking portal MarineTraffic.

 Pipelayer Chersky


At first, only the Chersky itself and the supply vessel Finval were tested. By the way, the last ship received a new name only a few months ago, before that it was called Bourbon Surf. Now the “supplier” is registered with “Gazprombank Leasing.”

Now, judging by data from MarineTraffic, the supply vessels of the Marine Rescue Service “Umka” and “Baltic Researcher” have joined the work. The second half of the squadron – “Ivan Sidorenko” and “Ostap Sheremet” – remain for the time being in the Kaliningrad port of Svetly.

There is no specific information about what exactly the ships are testing, but knowing some facts, certain conclusions can be drawn. Earlier, the German port of Mukran “Chersky” underwent major modernization.

Electronics, navigation and control equipment were replaced. The main components and mechanisms were changed for each of the three cranes on board. Additional power generators were installed, and the soundproofing of the engine room was increased.

In addition, an anchor positioning system had to be installed on the pipelayer in Mukran. In Germany, they demand that in shallow waters in the German waters of the Baltic Sea, the laying of the gas pipeline should be carried out by a vessel with anchor positioning. And the owners of the suitable barge “Fortuna” refused to participate in the project.

What are “Chersky” and its “suppliers” doing now

Actually, this system is being tested now by “Chersky”, “Finval”, “Umka” and “Baltic Researcher”. “They will check the operation of electronic systems and, above all, the installed anchors for positioning the ship during its operation,” Polish journalist Mariusz Marszalkowski writes in BiznesAlert.

“A total of eight anchors were installed on board the Akademik Chersky. They each have an independent power generator used to power the winches. The pipelayer will be accompanied by anchor operators, whose job is to move and properly tighten the anchor chains, ”explained Marshalkowski.

Journalist's sources explained that after sea trials, the pipelayer must return to Mukran to complete the work on board. They will take a few more weeks, after which Akademik Chersky will be able to begin construction of Nord Stream 2 in early November

About 160 kilometers remain to be completed in Danish and German waters. And about 20 kilometers along each line falls on German waters. And their depth in the area of ​​work, judging by the map of the Institute for Baltic Sea Research. Leibniz, is just up to 20 meters. : ///

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