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NOVATEK receives energy for Marine Construction Center

NOVATEK receives energy for Marine Construction Center 

The Rosseti North-West company (part of the Rosseti group) commissioned two new power lines. According to an official representative of the company, they are intended for power supply to the NOVATEK Construction Center for Offshore Structures.

 NOVATEK power lines

In particular, Rosseti built 56 km of power lines and 325 poles, reconstructed the existing lines. During the construction, for the first time in northwestern Russia, an innovative heat-resistant wire with increased throughput and resistance to ice and wind loads was used.

Recall, NOVATEK creates a center for the construction of large-capacity marine structures in the Murmansk Region. Construction is carried out in the village of Belokamenka. The complex is intended for the manufacture of offshore complexes for the production, storage and shipment of liquefied natural gas and stable gas condensate.

In addition, offshore production complexes will be built there. Another goal of the center will be the repair and maintenance of marine equipment and equipment used for the development of offshore oil and gas condensate fields.

The area of ​​the enterprise will be more than 150 hectares. It will create production facilities for the manufacture of metal structures and modules of technological lines, two dry-dock, unique in size, and a shift camp. In the near future, the Center will begin work on floating LNG plants – floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG).

NOVATEK has serious shipbuilding plans

By 2025, it is planned to complete the construction of three floating LNG plants with a capacity of more than 6 million tons of liquefied natural gas per year. In general, NOVATEK has a serious shipbuilding program.

The company, together with Rosatom, will build four icebreakers with power plants using liquefied natural gas. Earlier, Rosatomflot ordered the Finnish company Aker Arctic Technology a conceptual design of an icebreaker with LNG engines, which will become the most powerful in the world in its class.

According to the terms of reference, the new Aker ARC 123 should belong to the Arc8 ice class, and its capacity should be about 40 MW. Such vessels are capable, in particular, of independent navigation in cohesive one-year and two-year-old Arctic ice with their thickness up to 2.1 meters in winter-spring navigation and up to 3.1 meters in summer-autumn.

LNG reserves on the icebreaker should be about 10 thousand cubic meters, so the ship will be capable of autonomous navigation for 20-25 days. NOVATEK intends to use these icebreakers for piloting ships in the Gulf of Ob and in the Kara Sea. Their use will begin in the years 2023-2024. : ///

Record NOVATEK received energy for the Marine Construction Center first appeared TEKNOBLOG .

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