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Novak has appointed a person who will deal with the digitalization of the fuel and energy complex

Novak has appointed a person who will deal with the digitalization of the fuel and energy complex 

Daniil Sorokin became the head of the new Department of the Ministry of Energy for information support and digital transformation of the fuel and energy complex. The corresponding appointment was made by Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak.

 Digitalization of the Fuel and Energy Complex

Prior to that, Sorokin worked at the Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Communications as Deputy Head of several departments, including for digital transformation projects.

Department “ The digitalization of the fuel and energy complex was created recently at the Ministry of Energy, and before that it did not have a manager. His work is overseen by Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Tikhonov.

The fuel and energy complex needs digitalization

According to experts the large-scale introduction of modern intelligent technologies in the fuel and energy complex can increase the growth of global oil and gas production by up to about 30%. New technologies also make it possible to increase the efficiency of field development by 5–7%, reducing production costs by 25%.

It is likely that in the near future human participation in oil and gas production will gradually decrease. Robotization will affect both individual units and industrial sites as a whole. So, the study of those regions where oil and gas deposits could potentially be located, or the process of drilling wells will become as automated as possible. Moreover, the control will be carried out remotely.

Also, more effective control over all processes associated with the production of raw materials will have a positive impact on the environment, as it will exclude human influence on nature during field exploration, oil production and refining. This will happen due to operational control of the environmental situation. And this is impossible without the implementation of complex IoT solutions. However, they will be effective only with a significant modernization of not only the technological, but also the business processes of oil companies.

In the near future, the industry will face a gigantic transformation – and it will take place on the basis of adjusting the legislative and regulatory framework, introducing new standards for the use of IoT- solutions and control of technological processes. The times when oil companies went their way through trial and error, using only partial digitalization of some business processes, will be gone. This path is economically inefficient, as it is too long. : ///

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