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Nord Stream 2 is attacked again by German environmentalists

Nord Stream 2 is attacked again by German environmentalists 

The nature protection organization the Union for the Protection of Nature (NABU) has filed a lawsuit in the Hamburg Administrative Court against the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

 North Stream-2 US sanctions

“NABU has filed a lawsuit against the permit issued by the Federal Office for Shipping and Hydrography to build Nord Stream-2. The lawsuit concerns an as yet unfinished section of the pipeline in the exclusive economic zone of Germany, “- reads in the report.

NABU recalled that on April 1, the regulator rejected the protest of the Union for the Conservation of Nature and another environmental organization – Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH) – against the laying of 16.5 km of pipes in the exclusive economic zone of Germany.

“In this regard, there is only a way to go to court to limit the damage to the Baltic Sea,” – said in a statement NABU. Nord Stream 2, from the point of view of ecologists, “directly destroys the habitat on the seabed in an area of ​​more than 16 football fields.” Deutsche Umwelthilfe filed a similar suit in the Hamburg court on April 13.

The regulator noted in a statement on April 1 that “after considering the concerns expressed in the protest and following a thorough review of environmental issues, the previously issued permit remains in force”.

DUH considers BSH's January 2021 permission for further construction to be unlawful.

There is no need for Nord Stream 2. The implications for climate targets are ignored. Impact on seabirds and porpoises based on irrelevant data is ignored, ”- added to the organization.

German environmentalists have been attacking Nord Stream 2 for a long time

And in the past, DUH and NABU demanded that the permit to operate the Nord Stream 2 project be canceled. At first, they sought this from the Stralsund Mining Authority. But after the refusal in this instance, they went to court.

Environmentalists demanded to take into account new scientific data on the uncontrolled release of methane. And also check for leaks in the extraction, transport and processing of natural gas. They explained that methane as a constituent of natural gas is “86 times more harmful to the climate than CO2.”

However, the Greifwald Supreme Administrative Court dismissed all claims. He concluded that the public interest in the immediate construction and commissioning of the pipeline in order to ensure the safety and efficiency of supply in the future takes precedence over the interest of DUH and NABU. An attempt by environmentalists to challenge this decision in the Constitutional Court failed. : ///

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