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Naftogaz, in spite of everything, will again sue Gazprom

Naftogaz, in spite of everything, will again sue Gazprom 

Naftogaz Ukrainy, despite all the agreements with Gazprom, will sue him again. This was announced by the new head of the Ukrainian state-owned company Yuriy Vitrenko.
 Naftogaz Gazprom court


After taking office, he announced that he intends to resort to all possible measures of influence on Gazprom. He also stressed that Ukraine will continue to fight against the Nord Stream 2 project. And hopes for help from the United States and Germany in this matter.
Director of the Institute of National Energy Sergei Pravosudov on the air of Sputnik radio commented on the plans of the new head of Naftogaz.
“In the transit agreement until 2025, which is now in effect, there is a clause in which the parties waive mutual claims. That is, they undertake not to file claims during the period of this agreement. Therefore, I do not know how they are going to dodge. And what else they want to come up with, but so far it looks unrealistic, “the expert said.
Sergei Pravosudov also suggested that Germany is unlikely to heed Naftogaz's arguments on Nord Stream 2. After all, a new branch of the gas pipeline directly connecting Russia and Germany is needed by the German economy and objectively beneficial to it.
“It is difficult to expect that Germany will defend the interests of Ukraine, and not its own,” the expert noted.
In December 2019 Gazprom and Naftogaz entered into an agreement providing for the withdrawal of all mutual arbitration and legal claims, on which there are no final decisions. As well as waiver of all future claims under already signed contracts.
In addition, Gazprom and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine signed an amicable agreement to end current and possible future antimonopoly claims against the Russian company.

Naftogaz will fight Severny flow-2 ”until the end

Earlier, Vitrenko said that Ukraine would continue to fight against the Nord Stream-2 project. “We will actively work, actively fight against the completion of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline both with the help of our partners in the United States, and we will try to do it in Germany,” said Vitrenko.
Kiev According to him, he expects that after the change of power in Germany, the role of this country in the fight against the new Russian gas pipeline will increase. In Germany on September 26, elections to the German Bundestag will be held. Based on their results, a new government will be formed and a new chancellor appointed. The current Chancellor Angela Merkel does not claim to continue her work. : ///

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