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Mi-24 will turn into the latest generation combat helicopter

Mi-24 will turn into the latest generation combat helicopter 

The Mi-24 combat helicopter will be modernized, its tests will be completed in 2021. This was stated to the media by the general director of JSC “Leverage” (part of KRET Rostec) Alexey Panin.



“Now we have officially closed two stages of development work : technical design and documentation development. The Mi-24 helicopter is now at the stage of creating a prototype. The pilot machine, as we plan, will fly into the air very soon, and in the first quarter of next year we plan to complete the factory tests, ”Panin said.

The machine will begin factory tests at the end of this year. “After completion of factory tests, state tests will begin. In principle, the machine as a product will already be ready, and it can be offered to foreign customers if there is demand, “Panin added.

The cockpit is made on the basis of the” glass cockpit “. It has the most advanced aerobatic equipment, which makes it possible to pilot a helicopter in any weather conditions.

“The helicopter is equipped with a modern on-board defense system, which has no analogues in Russia and the world, which allows you to protect the helicopter from the most modern weapons, as well as produce electronic intelligence and electronic suppression, ”Panin noted.

The modernization of the Mi-24 will make it a modern machine

Equipping the Mi-24 helicopter with modern radio-electronic equipment and weapons, according to the Director General, allows achieving combat effectiveness comparable to the machines of the latest generation. Moreover, with much lower costs compared with the purchase of new helicopters.

In addition to everything else, the upgraded version is equipped with the latest control system, which allowed to improve controllability and increase the stability of the helicopter in flight. And the latest weapon control system allows you to increase the firepower of the helicopter, to ensure the range of use of modern guided missile weapons, the nomenclature of which has increased. : ///

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