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Lukashenko explained why he does not want to buy oil in Russia

Lukashenko explained why he does not want to buy oil in Russia 

The President of Belarus explained why his country still does not have a contract for the supply of Russian oil. Alexander Lukashenko stated that Minsk was categorically not satisfied with the price of raw materials from the Russian Federation.


“Why haven’t we reached an agreement with the Russian president on oil? Because Russia wants us to buy oil from them at prices higher than world prices. Where is this seen? ”Said the Belarusian leader quoted by BelTA. Therefore, Lukashenko emphasized, Belarus found the raw materials “elsewhere.”

He also added that Belarus considers it fair to demand gas supplies from the Russian Federation to the republic at domestic prices. “When we went on the sale of Beltransgaz in 2011, there was a tough agreement that in five years we would reach the domestic Russian gas price. Someone forgot it, I remember, ”Lukashenko noted.

“ 75 years of the Great Victory; we’ll gulp wherever possible – both in the Russian Federation and in Belarus, – said the president of Belarus . – But Gazprom today earns three times more in Belarus than in Germany, is this normal? This is not normal. ”

Belarus needs cheaper oil

Recall that the Russian Federation and Belarus were not able to conclude a contract for the supply of Russian oil due to the fact that Minsk asks to lower the contract price for raw materials. “The supply price in this direction is calculated as the market price plus a premium of about $ 10. Our shippers want to preserve it, the Belarusian side is insisting on a reduction, “a source in the Russian oil and gas industry said.

The lack of agreed pricing conditions and signed contracts between Russian and Belorussian companies caused the cessation of oil supply from January 1, January 1, to the republic. Moreover, according to the source, Russian companies even proposed to maintain the terms of the contract of 2019.

Belarus needs cheaper gas

As for gas, the price for it for Minsk in January and February 2020 was kept at the level of 2019. According to the press service of the Ministry of Energy of Belarus, it is $ 127 per thousand cubic meters.

On December 31, Gazprom and Gazprom Transgaz Belarus extended the contracts for the supply and transportation of Russian gas until 2021. At the same time, the price of gas supplies to Belarus was determined only for January and February 2020.

The contracted volumes of deliveries and transit in 2020 were kept at the level of 2019. President of the country Alexander Lukashenko stated that it would be advisable to reduce the price of Russian gas for the republic to a level close to domestic.

The price of gas for Belarus in 2019 was $ 127 per thousand cubic meters at the border. In 2018, Gazprom delivered 1.3 billion cubic meters of gas to Belarus more than in 2017. A year earlier, supplies amounted to 20.3 billion cubic meters.

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