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Libya forced to stop oil export

Libya forced to stop oil export 

Libya, or rather, the National Oil Corporation (NOC), announced force majeure in connection with the suspension of oil exports from five ports. According to a NOC statement, it “declares a state of emergency in connection with the suspension of oil shipments at the ports of Al-Barik, Ras Lanuf, Al-Harik, Zaituniya and Al-Sadr.”

 Libya oil production

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According to the corporation, the order to terminate shipment at the ports was received from the head of the department for the protection of oil fields, General Naji Al-Magribi and Colonel Ali Dzhiliani from the headquarters of the Sirte command. Earlier, the commander of the Libyan National Army, Khalifa Haftar, ordered the suspension of the oil shipment process at five ports.

The NOC noted that a partial halt in oil exports would reduce its oil production by 800 thousand barrels per day. The daily financial loss is $ 55 million.

Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord (PNC) Fayez Sarraj in anticipation of the Libyan settlement conference in Berlin, called on the international community to respond. According to Bloomberg, Sarraj stated that Khalifa Haftar “is not looking for a peaceful or political solution,” and the blocking of ports shows that he is not ready for a cease-fire.

“The international community is transmitting a negative signal without undertaking any actions after Haftar closed oil fields. There had to be a decisive position, ”said Sarraj.

Qatar said Libya must stop all squabbles

The Qatar Foreign Ministry has already spoken about this situation. “The country's wealth belongs to its people, and none of the parties should use this as a way of pressure … Serving the interests of the Libyan people is beyond any calculation,” said Doha.

“Qatar calls on the world community and the UN Security Council to take responsibility so that outlawed armed groups are recognized as criminal and limited in their activities in order to preserve the integrity of Libyan territory and peace in the country, as well as create the legal and political foundations for the construction of the city state’s state, ”the Qatar’s Foreign Ministry website said.

The Qatar’s Foreign Ministry noted that“ the settlement of the conflict in Libya begins with a return to political dialogue and the creation of civil structures of the state. ” Meanwhile, a peace conference in Libya is taking place in Berlin. : ///

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