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It became clear why the Cherskiy pipelayer does not start work

It became clear why the Cherskiy pipelayer does not start work 

The United States, no matter how it wants to stop Nord Stream-2, is unlikely to be able to do this. As the German publication Die Welt writes in his article, the Academician Chersky pipe layer cannot be stopped by the Americans.

 Academician Chersky


The newspaper’s observer believes that Russia has almost reached its goal – laid 2,300 of 2,460 km of the pipeline. And, “obviously, she found a way to get around the sanctions,” the article notes.

“Until recently, Academician Chersky belonged to Gazprom and was a risk to the concern, since this way its holding could affect US measures. But then the vessel acquired the STIF fund operating only in Russia [Самарский теплоэнергетический имущественный фонд]”the newspaper recalled . The newspaper writes that, according to experts, Gazprom can control this organization,“ but to American authorities hardly able to prove. ” “If so, then Gazprom will be able to complete the pipeline without fear of sanctions,” the publication concluded.

Only one circumstance will slow down the completion of the project, and it is not connected with world politics. In July and August, work in the Baltic Sea is prohibited due to cod spawning, the newspaper explained. And now, finally, it became clear why the Cherskiy pipe-laying machine is still without traffic in the port of Mukran.

Meanwhile, Nord Stream 2 AG asked the Danish authorities to amend the construction permit received. “The amendment relates to the possible use of vessels with anchor positioning and is an explanation of only one of the conditions of the permit,” the company said. Thus, it turns out that Gazprom wants to use the Fortuna anchor barge for laying the Nord Stream-2.

Denmark previously banned the use of anchor vessels in the construction of the pipeline. Copenhagen motivated this by the fact that the anchors could touch unexploded ordnance at the bottom of the Baltic Sea and provoke an explosion.

If Denmark agrees, Chersky can count on help

Denmark’s permission only extended to pipe layers with a dynamic positioning system (DPS). It is an integrated ship control system, including propellers. This allows the vessel to maintain position and course without the use of anchors and tugboats.

The Academician Chersky, built five years ago, has such a system. But the Fortuna barge has a 12-point anchor positioning system, and does not fall under the existing permit. According to media reports, the Danish government will consider the application in the coming months. : ///

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