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Hungary decided to reach out to itself “Turkish Stream”

Hungary decided to reach out to itself “Turkish Stream” 

The operator of the Hungarian GTS (FGSZ) made an investment decision to build a connecting gas pipeline from Serbia until October 2021. According to the FGSZ report, gas from the Turkish Stream pipeline will go to Hungary.

 Turkish stream


“FGSZ Ltd. hereby notifies market participants that … the Hungarian energy and utilities regulator (MEKH), in its decision … of June 19, 2020 approved a proposal for a 10-year development plan, including the construction of a new Serbian-Hungarian interconnector gas pipeline with a capacity of 6 billion cubic meters per year, ”the release said.

“ The Supervisory Board of FGSZ Ltd. made an investment decision in accordance with the MEKH decision, ”the operator said. The new gas pipeline is scheduled to be commissioned before October 1, 2021.

Hungary really needs “Turkish Stream”

Earlier, in February, Russian Ambassador to Hungary Vladimir Sergeev told RIA Novosti that the first gas supplies from the Turkish Stream gas pipeline to the country are planned to be completed in late 2021 – early 2022.

“It is important for us that gas flows into the territory of Hungary from different directions. The sooner we can join the Turkish Stream, the better, so we will not be vulnerable in this regard, said Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of the country, last year. “I would like this to happen as soon as possible.”

With regard to Serbia, the country's ambassador to Russia, Miroslav Lazanski, said he hopes to get the first gas from the Turkish Stream by the end of this year.

Gas pipeline The Turkish Stream was launched in early January. It consists of two threads with a capacity of 15.75 billion cubic meters each. The first is intended for the supply of Russian gas to Turkish consumers, the second is for supplying countries of Southern and Southeast Europe. : ///

Record Hungary decided to reach out to itself “Turkish Stream” first appeared TEKNOBLOG .

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