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Global warming is approaching from the south. Antarctica warms up too fast

Global warming is approaching from the south. Antarctica warms up too fast 

The South Pole is getting warmer – it's a reality, this place experiences warming up three times faster than the rest of the planet. Researchers believe this alarming trend in global warming is related to human activities.

 Antarctica, Global Warming

Kyle Clem, climatology researcher, explained this trend in an article for The Guardian . “My colleagues and I argue that these global warming trends are hardly the result of only natural climate variability,” he wrote. “The impact of anthropogenic climate change seems to have worked in tandem with a significant impact of natural variability in the tropics on the Antarctic climate. Together, this makes warming at the South Pole one of the most powerful warming processes on Earth. ”

Since the ice surface covers 5.4 million square miles, there is a large temperature difference. Scientists have been tracking temperature since 1957 at the planet's southernmost meteorological observatory, at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole station. On the Antarctic Plateau in the depths of the South Pole, the coldest region on Earth, average temperatures can drop to -60 degrees Celsius in winter and rise to -20 degrees Celsius in summer.

Clem and colleagues focused on temperature for the past 30 years. They concluded that between 1989 and 2018, the South Pole warmed up 1.8 degrees Celsius. Since 2000, warming has been going faster.

Scientists already knew that the Antarctic Peninsula and West Antarctica are getting warmer. In fact, Esperanza, Argentina’s research station at the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, reached a new high of 18.2 degrees Celsius, or 64.9 degrees Fahrenheit, in February of this year. But scientists are particularly alarmed by the rise in temperature deep in the remote, mountainous interior of the continent.

Clem and his colleagues analyzed more than 200 climate models to measure human influence on climate change. “These climate models show that the recent increase in greenhouse gases may have contributed to about 1 degree warming out of 1.8 degrees warming at the south pole,” he wrote.

Causes of warming

Stormy weather and low pressure around the Antarctic Peninsula in the Weddell Sea partially explain the rise in temperature. But the combination of weather and greenhouse gases is probably the main problem. “The observed warming is likely to occur in humans with 99.9%, which means that recent warming is extremely unlikely in the wild, although not impossible,” writes Clem.

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