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Germany is stubbornly not going to spoil relations with Russia

Germany is stubbornly not going to spoil relations with Russia 

Germany is not going to freeze relations with Russia in any way, despite the incident with Alexei Navalny. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the FRG Heiko Maas.

 The FRG Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maas


“Anyway, what happened to Alexei Navalny does not change geography. And therefore, it does not change our fundamental interest in good or at least reasonable relations with Russia “, – noted the head of the German Foreign Ministry.

” We are a country that lives on trade and scientific exchange. For this reason alone, we want to maintain good relations with all our neighbors, based on clear rules and mutual respect, “added Maas.

Over the years, he said, Berlin has made a lot of efforts to maintain relations with Moscow. “It is difficult to name a colleague with whom I would have met more often than with Sergey Lavrov. Our countries maintain close ties, there is a lively exchange at the level of civil society, between students, scientists, artists, in the field of economics, ”the minister emphasized.

Germany has set several conditions for good relations with Russia

“We openly declare our commitment to our values: the rule of law, democracy, human rights and a world order in which rules operate, not the rule of the strongest. We are convinced that they create the best preconditions for peaceful coexistence, ”Maas said.

“ Russia must decide what kind of relationship it wants to have with us and with its western neighbors in Europe. And what kind of social model does she want for herself. Obviously, Russia itself can determine these relations by its actions, “the Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany pointed out.

” Respect and observance of fundamental international rules, whether in Ukraine, whether under the Chemical Weapons Convention, are a prerequisite for restoring confidence. ” – concluded Heiko Maas. : ///

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