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German environmentalists again try to stop Nord Stream 2

German environmentalists again try to stop Nord Stream 2 

Opponents of the Nord Stream 2 project never tire of trying to stop construction. This time, German environmentalists from Deutsche Umwelthilfe filed a lawsuit in a German court demanding the revocation of the permit to operate the pipeline.

 Nord Stream-2 Nord Stream 2 US sanctions

for the operation of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The DUH is demanding this lawsuit from the responsible Stralsund Mining Authority to take into account new scientific data on the uncontrolled release of methane and check leaks in the extraction, transport and processing of natural gas, “- says in the release.

Environmentalists explain that methane as a constituent of natural gas “86 times more harmful to the climate than CO2 (carbon dioxide)”. “According to new scientific data, methane emissions from gas production are significantly higher than previously thought. In the United States, this has already led to the fact that methane emissions in the oil and gas industry have been adjusted in the national register upwards by 60%, “- according to a press release.

DUH explains that they have already requested the Stralsund Mining Authority to review the permit for operation of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline on this basis. However, it denied the request, “therefore DUH went to court”. “DUH asks to suspend the construction of Nord Stream 2 until the process is completed,” the organization added.

The Stralsund Mining Authority issued a permit for the operation of Nord Stream 2 in January 2018. Environmentalists from the NABU organization had already tried to challenge it, but the Higher Administrative Court of Greifwald dismissed the claim the same year, noting that the court's decision was based on a balance of interests.

The court then concluded that the public interest in immediate construction and the commissioning of a gas pipeline to ensure future safety and efficiency of supplies is prioritized over the interest of environmentalists. An attempt by environmentalists to challenge this decision in the Constitutional Court failed.

What environmentalists have come up with to prevent the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

DUH believes that new scientific evidence justifies the revision of the permit. “We are confident that Nord Stream 2, with the scientific data available now, should not have received approval. New methods of measuring methane leaks must now certainly be taken into account, as they will lead to a serious impact of the pipeline on our climate, ”said Konstantin Zerger, Head of Energy and Climate Protection at DUH.

In addition, DUH lawyer Cornelia Zim points out that that, according to the organization, the impact assessment of the pipeline should be carried out as a whole, and not for a separate part of it, which lies on the national territory. After all, “each separate section of the pipe forms a functionally necessary unity”, otherwise the pipeline would not work.

She also noted that, in accordance with EU law, in the presence of unrecorded data, preventive measures should be taken. Therefore, DUH also asks in the suit to consider the problem of possible methane emissions from the operation of the gas pipeline in the EU Court of Justice. : ///

Record German environmentalists are again trying to stop Nord Stream 2 first appeared TEKNOBLOG .

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