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“Gazprom”: Economic feasibility of renewable energy in question

“Gazprom”: Economic feasibility of renewable energy in question 

The economic viability of renewable energy sources (RES) is still a big question. This opinion was expressed in an interview with the corporate magazine “Gazprom” by the first deputy chairman of the board of the holding, Oleg Aksyutin.

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Aksyuta clarified that renewable energy is highly dependent on rapidly changing weather conditions. In addition, for the widespread consumption of energy from renewable energy sources, it is necessary to create energy storage and storage infrastructures or additional generating capacities as a reserve if generation is suddenly interrupted.

“The costs of this are very significant. The assessment of the economic efficiency of renewable energy is becoming significantly lower, “- pointed out Deputy Chairman of the Board.

Earlier it became known that the Russian authorities will save on the program to support green energy generation in the period from 2025 to 2035. Its funding will be cut by 22%, from 400 billion rubles to 313 billion. The reason for it was the government's desire to curb the rise in electricity prices within inflation, so as not to harm the national economy.

RES generation in Russia is unlikely to become significant

It should be noted that earlier the Minister of Development of the Arctic and the Far East Alexei Chekunkov expressed doubts that RES would become a significant component of the national power generation in Russia.

In particular, in the Arctic In the zone, the widespread introduction of renewable energy sources is an almost impossible task. “We must be realistic,” noted Chekunkov. “Solar power is not suitable for the arctic region, and wind power is not constant.”

This raises a dilemma. On the one hand, the entire world needs to prevent global warming. On the other hand, the melting of the polar ice cap creates tremendous economic opportunities for the Russian Federation.

The retreat of ice from the coast of Siberia opens the Northern Sea Route from Asia to Europe for shipping. It also provides access to huge new reserves of oil and gas. In addition, entire regions depend on coal or oil for jobs and social infrastructure that mining companies support. : ///

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