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“Fortune” turned under load

“Fortune” turned under load 

On July 9, the Fortuna barge will be delivered to the port of Rostock in Germany. According to Rostock port, the ship will moor at the loading terminal. Presumably, materials or equipment necessary for the construction of the gas pipeline will be delivered on board the pipelayer.

 Chersky Nord Stream-2


The vessel indicates that it will return to the Nord Stream-2 logistics center 1 October, however, it can resume work without calling to Mukran.

In the evening of July 7, Fortuna left the port of Mukran, which is the logistics center for Nord Stream 2. Accompanied by the supply vessel Ievoli Blue, the pipelayer headed to the western part of the Baltic Sea and embarked on the Rostock port raid last night, which is 100 miles from the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Recall the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) amended the permit received in November 2019 for the construction of a pipeline in the Danish exclusive economic zone. Now, Nord Stream 2 AG will be able to use vessels with anchor positioning along with vessels with dynamic positioning to complete the last section of Nord Stream-2 in the Danish exclusive economic zone, the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) says. . [19659005] Denmark previously banned the use of anchor vessels in the construction of the pipeline. Copenhagen motivated this by the fact that anchors could touch unexploded ordnance at the bottom of the Baltic Sea and provoke an explosion. Danish approval only applied to pipe layers with dynamic positioning system (DPS). It is an integrated ship control system, including propellers. This allows the vessel to maintain its position and heading without using anchors and tugboats.

Nord Stream 2 AG asked the Danish authorities to amend the permission to build in November 2019 for the construction of a pipeline in the Danish exclusive economic zone on 5 June. “As we expected, the DEA satisfied our request,” Nord Stream 2 commented.

Only one circumstance can hinder the completion of the project so far, and it is not related to world politics. In July and August, work in the Baltic Sea is prohibited due to cod spawning.

When the construction of Nord Stream 2 begins

Major work to complete the construction of Nord Stream 2 may begin in the fall. Firstly, the necessary planned re-equipment of the Academician Chersky will take several months. Secondly, the operator of the Nord Stream 2 AG project has yet to submit an updated work plan and coordinate it with the Danish Energy Agency (DEA). : ///

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“Academician Chersky” will go second

Record “Fortune” turned to download first appeared TEKNOBLOG .

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