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Donald Trump proposed to postpone the US presidential election

Donald Trump proposed to postpone the US presidential election 

US President Donald Trump proposed to postpone the US presidential election, which is scheduled for November.


Trump linked the need to postpone the election with the coronavirus pandemic. According to him, this is necessary so that voters can vote “safely and according to the rules.”

Earlier, certain US states simplified the procedure for voting by mail in connection with the pandemic.

Without giving any evidence, Trump repeated his assumptions about mail fraud and raised the issue of postponing the vote, tweeting: “With universal voting by mail (not absentee voting, which is good), the 2020 election will be the most INACCURATE and FRAUD in history. This will be a shame for the United States. Postpone elections until people can vote safely and normally ??? ”

Trump has questioned the legality of the ballots used in much larger numbers in the primary in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. He also made unsubstantiated claims that the vote would be rigged and declined to say he would accept the official election results if he lost.

Democrats, including prospective presidential candidate Joe Biden, have already begun preparations for voter and election protection amid fears that Trump will try to intervene in the elections on November 3.

Recall that the United States leads the world in the number of people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and the number of deaths as a result. According to the Johns Hopkins Institute, the country has recorded more than 4.4 million infections and more than 150.7 thousand deaths. : ///

Record Donald Trump proposed to postpone the presidential elections in the United States first appeared TEKNOBLOG .

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