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Director changed at Nord Stream 2 AG

Director changed at Nord Stream 2 AG 

At Nord Stream 2 AG, the director changed at a bad time. According to the press service, Hennig Kote decided to resign as head of the operator of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

 Nord Stream-2 Nord Stream 2

“Kote decided to leave Nord Stream 2 AG for personal reasons in beginning of June 2020. He was replaced by Marco Casirati, who worked on both Nord Stream-2 and Nord Stream, as the project director, – was noted by the company .

Kote was responsible for managing the Nord Stream project teams 2 AG and general project management. Prior to joining this post, he performed similar duties at Nord Stream AG, the operator of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. In 2006, Kote began work as a commercial director, and in 2009 he took the position of project director.

Nord Stream 2 AG continues to fight for Nord Stream-2

Not a good time to change the director now because the Supreme Land Court in Düsseldorf will soon begin to consider the appeal of Nord Stream 2 AG on the rejection of the Federal Network Agency of Germany ( BNA) to bring Nord Stream-2 out of the scope of the updated EU Gas Directive.

Radio Sputnik, an expert at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, leading analyst of the National Energy Security Fund Igor Yushkov suggested how the court will behave.

Gazprom believes that the completion is not when the pipe was put into operation, but when the investment decision on the project was made and everyone financed. That is, it was argued that it was definitely built. This is the company and is trying to prove it, “Yushkov explained.

” Why didn’t Germany meet it? I think because I didn’t want to annoy the United States so that they would not take additional sanctions. Germany tried to calm the situation around Nord Stream 2. However, a new sanctions project was introduced in the United States. That is, this reassuring policy did not work, “the expert noted.

” Consideration of the complaint is a rather long procedure. It will probably end only at the end of the year or next year. For Gazprom, it is important to get a verdict. If you don’t take the project out of the EU’s third energy package, you’ll have to come up with complex schemes, “continued Yushkov.

” I don’t think anyone will deliberately shift the deadlines. In principle, the European bureaucracy is quite burdensome. But if the United States, through its aggressive actions, sets up business circles and the leadership of European countries against itself, then Gazprom has a higher chance of success. He will be allowed to load this pipe at full capacity, ”the analyst concluded. : ///

Record In Nord Stream 2 AG the director did not change at the right time first appeared TEKNOBLOG .

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