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Danish Energy Agency Permits Completion of Nord Stream 2

Danish Energy Agency Permits Completion of Nord Stream 2 

Nord Stream 2 AG will be able to use vessels with anchor positioning along with vessels with dynamic positioning to complete the last section of Nord Stream-2 in the Danish exclusive economic zone, the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) says . .

 Nord Stream-2 Nord Stream 2

Nord Stream 2 AG asked the Danish authorities to amend the permission to build in November 2019 for the construction of a pipeline in the Danish exclusive economic zone on June 5. “As we expected, the DEA granted our request,” Nord Stream 2 commented.

“The amendment relates only to the possible use of ships with anchor positioning and is an explanation of only one of the conditions for authorization. An anchored vessel has already been successfully used in the construction of the Danish section of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in operation, as well as in the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline section in German waters. The project will be implemented in accordance with the building permit and environmental impact assessment (EIA). We continue to consider various options for its completion and in due time we will inform about our plans, ”the project company noted.

Sanctions imposed on Nord Stream-2

Nord Stream 2 had to change the tactics of building the pipeline after December 20, 2019, US President Donald Trump signed the US Defense Budget (NDAA) for 2020, which includes the imposition of sanctions against companies that provide laying services for the Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines. Immediately afterwards, the Swiss Allseas, whose vessels laid the last section of the Nord Stream 2 near Bornholm Island, announced the shutdown.

It is assumed that Gazprom will use two vessels to complete the pipe: Akademik Chersky, which there is a system of dynamic positioning, and the Fortuna barge, which has only an anchor positioning system.

Another circumstance hinders the completion of the project, and it is not connected with world politics. In July and August, work in the Baltic Sea is prohibited due to cod spawning. And now, finally, it became clear why the Cherskiy pipelayer is still without traffic in the port of Mukran.

Previously, TEKNOBLOG reported on the approach to Kaliningrad of two escort vessels that will join the Academician Cherskiy for the construction of Nord Stream -2. : ///

Record The Danish energy agency allowed the completion of Nord Stream-2 first appeared TEKNOBLOG .

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