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Bulgaria speeds up completion of Turkish Stream

Bulgaria speeds up completion of Turkish Stream 

Bulgaria is building a continuation of the “Turkish Stream” at almost a feverish pace. This conclusion can be drawn from an interview with the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller, which he gave to the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin “on the channel” Russia 1. “

 Bulgaria gas pipeline

” We see that … our Bulgarian partners are currently working much more intensively than some time ago, “Miller noted.

“Turkish Stream deliveries fully cover all our contracts with consumers in Bulgaria, Greece and Northern Macedonia, and all contracts that have been delivered until today by the Trans-Balkan corridor,” added the head of Gazprom .

Bulgaria will have time to complete its part of “Tu etskogo stream “

Ministry of Energy believes that Bulgaria will have time to complete construction of the continuation by 31 May” Turkish Stream “. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Energy, Alexander Novak, without specifying when the Bulgarian site will reach full capacity.

“We are confident that future plans for the construction of infrastructure in Bulgaria will be implemented,” said the Minister of Energy.

“ Today, deliveries are already being made to Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece. Accordingly, further transit will be in accordance with the declared terms that the Bulgarian side has announced, ”added Novak.

Meanwhile, Russian gas delivered via the Turkish Stream to Bulgaria has already gone to Greece and Northern Macedonia. This was stated in an interview with Bulgarian radio station BNR by the executive director of Bulgartransgaz company Vladimir Malinov.

“Gas supplies from Russia are successfully carried out through the new entry point“ Strandzha 2 ″ on the border with Turkey. The advantages of this project are safety and economic feasibility. This will affect the final prices and the final consumer. Changing the delivery point also saves transportation costs, ”said Malinov.

Bulgaria replaced the Trans-Balkan gas pipeline with “Turkish Stream”

“Northern Macedonia and Greece also receive gas through Strandja 2,” the top manager added. According to him, gas supplies through the Trans-Balkan gas pipeline, which goes from Ukraine to Turkey through Romania and Bulgaria, are stopped.

“As of January 1, there is no natural gas flow through the Trans-Balkan gas pipeline. Nevertheless, our system is ready to absorb such a flow if necessary … The return flow, which is part of the vertical gas corridor concept, is already open, ”Malinov said, bearing in mind that now natural gas can be transported in all directions.

Construction The Bulgarian section of the Turkish Stream with a length of 308 kilometers of pipes to the border with Serbia should be completed by May 31. After that, pumping will amount to 8.75 million cubic meters of gas per day. The completely new gas pipeline through the territory of Bulgaria with a length of 484 kilometers should be completed by the end of 2020.

The continuation of the Turkish Stream – the Balkan Stream – was supposed to work until the end of 2019, but there were problems with the competitive selection process the company of the builder of the Balkan Stream.

The Italo-Saudi consortium Arkad won the tender for the construction of a pipeline to Serbia through Bulgaria in April. However, a contract with him after a series of trials was signed only in mid-September. This led to a six-month delay in the execution of the project.

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