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Akademik Chersky may begin to complete construction of Nord Stream 2

Akademik Chersky may begin to complete construction of Nord Stream 2 

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has confirmed that Nord Stream 2 AG may begin work on the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the country's waters after August 3.

 Academician Chersky Pipelayer


This is the date of the deadline for appealing to the Danish Energy Board of Appeals for the use of anchor positioned vessels. It was issued on July 6 and has four weeks to appeal.

DEA spokesperson Louise Albeck Jensen indicated that even if a complaint is filed in the remaining days, it will not be a reason to immediately suspend the resolution, unless the Council specifically decides to do so.

Before resuming work, the company must provide a new pipe laying schedule. Its approval from DEA is not required. The head of the agency's press service, Ture Falbe-Hansen, did not specify if it received an updated schedule from the operator.

Recall that on July 6, the Danish Energy Agency (DEA), at the request of Nord Stream 2 AG, gave permission to use vessels with anchored positioning on the unfinished section of the pipeline southeast of Bornholm.

In a new decision, the agency emphasized that the remainder of the pipeline passing through the Danish Exclusive Economic Zone “is outside the area where trawling, anchorage and bottom works due to the danger of dumped chemical warfare agents entering the marine environment. ”

Pipelayer“ Akademik Chersky ”and its fleet

The fleet is now complete to complete the gas pipeline. Recently, Ostap Sheremeta and Ivan Sidorenko, new supply vessels, arrived in the Baltic. They are intended, among other things, to support the work of pipelayers. That is, for the supply of pipes and materials, for duty and support work in the area of ​​work. : ///

Record “Akademik Chersky” may begin to complete construction of “Nord Stream-2” first appeared TEKNOBLOG .

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