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Accounts Chamber: NSR threatens shortage of icebreaking vessels

Accounts Chamber: NSR threatens shortage of icebreaking vessels 

The Northern Sea Route (NSR) is facing a shortage of Arctic-class vessels and icebreakers. This is warned by the Accounts Chamber (JV) of the Russian Federation, which monitored a comprehensive infrastructure development plan.

“A number of potential large carriers along the Northern Sea Route (including PA Vostokugol Management Company, LLC North Star “And Neftegazholding JSC with a planned cargo flow of 28 million tons by 2024) do not have an icebreaking fleet and Arctic-class vessels for transporting goods in the waters of the Northern Sea Route,” the report says.

SP notes that to address this Problems Vostokugol Management Company plans to order the relevant vessels at the Zvezda shipyard. However, “this fact does not exclude the risks of a shortage of the enterprise’s capacities for fulfilling the order for Vostokugol Management Company. And as a result, the company has a deficit of ice-class vessels. ”

“ The analysis showed that the performance of infrastructure facilities in terms of increasing the cargo flow along the Northern Sea Route to 80 million tons may not be met on time, ”the report emphasizes. This refers to the year 2024 stipulated by the development program of the NSR .

The Accounts Chamber sees a deficit not only in ships

The agency notes that the planned volume of cargo transportation via the NSR by 524 takes into account the forecast for the transportation of Neftegazholding oil in the amount of 5 million tons.

“At the same time, Neftegazholding JSC “Only conducts exploration work in the fields on the Taimyr Peninsula, the results of which do not exclude the possibility of insufficient production of oil to ensure the declared volumes of traffic,” – said the joint venture.

In addition, the Accounts Chamber reminds in his report on the risks of underloading the capacities of the Lavna coal terminal (Murmansk). They arose against the backdrop of the gradual displacement of coal from the energy balance of Europe.

With regard to inland waterways, the department says there are no measures in the corresponding federal program to create and develop infrastructure for passenger transportation. Including in regions where there are no alternatives to water transport. For example, in a number of regions of the Far North, as well as measures to update the river fleet.

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