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“Academician Chersky” will go second

“Academician Chersky” will go second 

Fortuna pipe-laying barge, which is able to complete the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, entered the territorial waters of Denmark.

 Nord Stream-2, Academician Chersky, Fortuna

This is indicated by the data from the services of tracking the movement of marine vessels MarineTraffic and Myshiptracking. According to the latter, the ship left Mukran port and German territorial waters on July 7 and entered the Danish part of the Baltic Sea.

The day before, the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) amended the permission received in November 2019 on the construction of a pipeline in the Danish exclusive economic zone. Now, Nord Stream 2 AG will be able to use vessels with anchor positioning along with vessels with dynamic positioning to complete the last section of the Nord Stream-2 in the Danish exclusive economic zone, the message of the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) says. [19659004] Denmark previously banned the use of anchor vessels in the construction of the pipeline. Copenhagen motivated this by the fact that anchors could touch unexploded ordnance at the bottom of the Baltic Sea and provoke an explosion. Danish approval only applied to pipe layers with dynamic positioning system (DPS). It is an integrated ship control system, including propellers. This allows the vessel to maintain position and heading without the use of anchors and tugboats.

The Academician Chersky, built five years ago, has such a system. But the Fortune barge has a 12-point anchor positioning system and does not fall under the existing permit. According to media reports, the Danish government will consider the application in the coming months. And then this fact did not cause any objections from Copenhagen.

Nord Stream 2 AG asked the Danish authorities to amend the permission to build in November 2019 for the construction of a pipeline in the Danish exclusive economic zone on June 5. “As we expected, the DEA satisfied our request,” Nord Stream 2 commented.

Only one circumstance may hinder the completion of the project so far, and it is not related to world politics. In July and August, work in the Baltic Sea was prohibited due to cod spawning, the newspaper explained.

How the Nord Stream-2 will be built

Nord Stream 2 had to change the tactics of the pipeline after December 20, 2019 USA Donald Trump signed the US Defense Budget (NDAA) for 2020, which includes the imposition of sanctions against companies that provide services for laying the Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines. Immediately afterwards, the Swiss Allseas, whose vessels laid the last section of the Nord Stream 2 near Bornholm Island, announced the shutdown.

Gazprom will now use two vessels to complete the pipe: Akademik Chersky, which has a system dynamic positioning, and the Fortuna barge, which has only an anchor positioning system. : ///

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