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A third of gas stations may close due to lack of new software

A third of gas stations may close due to lack of new software 

At the end of this year, a third of Russian petrol stations (gas stations) may be closed. The Independent Fuel Union (NTS) warns about this, commenting on the new GOST, which should come into force on October 1.

 Gas station refueling


As the newspaper Izvestia writes with reference to NTS, the new GOST will force gas stations to equip fuel dispensers with new software. This software is designed to track possible underfilling.

To date, no Russian NPP has installed such software. The union emphasizes that small companies simply do not have money for new software, given the coronavirus crisis.

True, the head of the Russian Fuel Union (RTS) Yevgeny Arkusha indicated in his commentary to Izvestia that the force of GOST is only advisory.

However, the vice-president of the NTS Dmitry Gusev claims that this will not save business representatives from fines. Indeed, simultaneously with the GOST for software, the requirement for the accuracy of fuel delivery is being tightened. And you won't be able to execute it without additional software.

From 2021, turnover fines will be introduced for underfilling fuel at gas stations

Recall that in 2021, turnover fines for underfilling fuel at gas stations may be introduced. The Ministry of Industry and Trade has prepared a bill proposing drastic measures to combat deception of car owners.

According to it, turnover fines – from 500 thousand rubles – will be included in the new edition of the Code of Administrative Violations (Code of Administrative Offenses). This code is due to enter into force on January 1, 2021. : ///

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